Tips for maintaining good eating habits in summer

Summer vacations arrive, rest time and in which responsibilities are relaxed. Not only in the educational field or in the work of the home, the feeding It is also out of control in the presence of products such as ice cream or the rush of family trips that do not have enough time to control what is put on the table.

Therefore, from the CPEN of Endocrinology and Nutrition offer several tips so that the summer is also a time where good habits are maintained. feeding. Guidelines with which to monitor, without much effort, what is put on the table and in this way to be able to maintain the routines that have characterized the menus of the family the rest of the year.

Do not forget breakfast

The routines at home change in summer. Early morning becomes an activity little practiced in homes and in many cases the fact of postponing the time of awakening makes families forget breakfast. But the food most important of the day also continues to be during the summer period and we must ensure that marks the beginning of the day.

What foods should make up this start of the day? The same trio as the rest of the year: a dairy, fruit, protein and cereals. In addition, the presence of foods like watermelon in this first meal of the day will also help to maintain the levels of hydration at this time of year where the body loses water because of sweat and refreshes everyone at the table.

This trio of foods should also be remembered in travel. In the case that an apartment is rented, the purchase for these days must take into account what is necessary for breakfast. If the option is a hotel, when lowering the facilities where this food is served, parents should recommend their children bet on these products. Also in these trips, meet this first intake will ensure the necessary energy to face these days loads of activities.

Hydration and healthy options

As already mentioned, during the summer the loss of water in the body the risk increases of dehydration in the little ones. This body recommends dispensing sugary drinks to recover liquids and quench the thirst of the youngest of the house. These products must be reserved for special occasions such as birthdays or parties held during the summer period.

This body also recommends healthier options such as homemade fruit ice cream. A simple recipe that will also serve as a dessert that will refresh children after meals. Another example is to leave aside side dishes such as chips and opt for side dishes such as salads or alternatives as simple as a tomato with salt and oil.

Finally, we must not forget about the physical activity. While you have to take into account the times of danger where the temperatures are high, you can choose other alternatives such as summer swimming courses or take advantage of the first hours of the morning.

Damián Montero

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