The conciliation in Spain improves but not enough

Nowadays reconcile Work and family life has become a desire sought by a multitude of families. A longing for which there is much to work, however, it seems that the situation has improved in recent times. This is shown in the 2018 edition of the Barometer of conciliation that has been prepared by the MásFamilia foundation.

A work in which although it is shown that Spain has a lot of work to do to reach European levels, it is also clear that there has been an improvement that has taken place in recent years. Conclusions reached after analyzing more than 90 social and business indicators related to the conciliation.

Recovery after the crisis

Analyzing the indicators related to the conciliation and putting them in common with those of the past years, in 2017 a generalized recovery was appreciated within the general context in Spain. In comparison with those of the last barometer, an advance of 3.2 points, which is an improvement after the loss observed in times of crisis.

The improvements appreciated have occurred both in the social indicators as in the business. Within the work space there has been an improvement in the management of reconciliation and diversity in the company. It should also be noted that although these improvements have been observed, there is a lot to work on, or at least that is perceived by the citizens who believe that the situation of this matter in Spain has worsened.

Another example of how much remains to be improved is the level of Spain compared to Europe. Putting in common the data of our country with those of other nations of the old continent it is clear that the conciliation within our borders has to follow this path since it is far from the average of this common territory.

"The global progress reflected in the results of the barometer indicates that we are going in the right direction, and the companies in our country have taken great steps to advance in the management of conciliation, but the data of social perception indicate that there is still a way to go. Fundación Másfamilia reiterates our commitment to reverse this situation and ensure that the positive effects of the conciliation that are already perceived in the efr companies can also transcend society as a whole ", concludes Roberto Martínez, director of the Efr Initiative and Másfamilia Foundation.

The right way

Carlos Morán, director of Human Resources and Organization of Cepsa (collaborating company in this report) indicates that the results of this report show that work is going in the right direction. "with the improvement of the barometer data, we find that conciliation measures work, and this encourages us to continue working in this line, since we are convinced that investing in conciliation is doing it in satisfaction, motivation, commitment, reputation and, therefore, efficiency at all levels within organizations, "concludes Morán.

In this way that remains to be done, Roberto Martínez points out that not only companies must work to reach the ideal level of conciliation. Parents must also participate in this mission because the personal decisions that are taken in each family affect the conciliation.

Damián Montero

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