Plans for summer: ideas for not spending time at home

When school holidays arrive, children spend a lot of time at home, so it is normal to end up bored and may spend the day watching television, playing video games or browsing with your tablet. To make matters worse, many parents have to work during a summer month, so they can not attend to their children during that time. For this reason, it is good that we go thinking about plans that can keep them entertained and with which they can also learn a lot.

For many parents, the closure in summer of day care centers and schools is a headache, since they have to work until they have vacations and children have access to a lot of free time at home, so they get bored and they need new stimuli. These must be different from academics, since summer is a radically different time and needs new plans.

For these reasons, it is advisable that we think in advance in the free time that our children will have and in what way we will be able to face it. There are numerous family plans, and if our work schedule prevents us from devoting all the time necessary to the children, the workshops, toy libraries or school farms can be of great help so that they do not spend time at home.

Learn to swim

There is no doubt that we are in the ideal season for our children to learn to swim. We can point you to swimming courses that take place in municipal or private pools for small children. Today, learning to swim has become a priority, since the human being does not instinctively swim. In addition, swimming will not only be an entertaining activity for our son, but it will also be a good for his safety.

The main obstacle is the fear of water, but little by little the child will learn to move and stay afloat, so that he will gain confidence in himself. However, we parents have to take into account that the swimming courses will not give the child a total autonomy in the water, so we will have to remain vigilant and be close to them when we go all together to the pool.

School farms

The farm School It is a place that for many children is unforgettable after passing through one of them. There, while living new experiences, they will interact with other children, in addition to numerous other educational advantages: contact with nature and the rural environment, promotion of their autonomy, responsibility ...

Children, activities and contact with animals and plants fascinate them. The farms develop two types of areas, one educational and one leisure. In the first, a program is carried out by age and by thematic blocks, which put children and girls in contact with the rural and natural environment. The child is taught what is a farm, a product of the land, a pet ... and its relationship with everyday life.

So, lthe little ones work in the garden and discover the vegetables and vegetables that in him they are obtained. They play with the animals in their own stables: cows, horses, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, pigeons, ducks, turkeys, fawns, etc. They also observe the natural environment through the soil and geology, climate and water, vegetation and fauna.

Other leisure activities are usually carried out in longer stays, when the children stay for several days at the school farm: recycling, expression, ceramics, construction, food processing, wool workshops ... It is intended that these workshops motivate the children so that later, when they return home, they pick up some clay and start modeling or building their own toys. It tries to convey a very ecological vision of natural foods and how to respect them. They make biscuits, jams, cheese and recycled paper, among other things.

Tips for making summer plans with children

- Summer is a good time to boost talent of our children or so that they can carry out activities that they have not had the opportunity to practice during the rest of the year: music, painting, sports, etc. We can point you to courses that take care of your learning and development.

- It is the right time for children to be entertained with their friends inviting them home, so we will avoid getting bored. We can prepare a small snack and let them spend all afternoon playing.

- Take advantage of the good weather to take your children outdoors, either to the field or to a park.

- When you take them to a park or field, we can encourage them to play different physical activity games, such as the pilla-pilla, the hiding place, polis and cacos, etc. Games that could not take place at home due to lack of space.

Even if we are looking forward to it, we must try not to go to the places where the activities to which we have targeted our children are being developed, unless there is a scheduled day of visits.Children must grow in autonomy and that is why overcoming situations without the presence of parents is more positive for their development. When they discover that they can stand alone, they gain confidence in themselves.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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