Experts in education explain that there is no problem in prohibiting the mobile in the classrooms

New technologies have become an instrument widely used by new generations. The presence of these devices is assured at almost all hours, even when they should be performing other tasks, such as attending in class. Should children be allowed to go to school with the smartphone or should their use be limited in these school hours?

Several education experts are clear: the smartphone It has no place within the classes. This is explained by several teachers BBC, where they explain that there is no need to fear the prohibition of these devices in the classroom. A position that is based on the distractions it causes and in cases of cyberbullying.

Distracted students

Katharine Birbalsingh, a teacher at the Michaela Community School in Wembley, points out that smartphone It has no place in this school as they distract the students and interrupt their concentration. An intermediate solution for those parents who have to contact their children for some reason is to leave the smart phones in the backpacks and with the data disconnected.

In this way, in case of a emergency call The child can respond without being distracted by the notifications of instant messaging applications or news in social networks. Timothy Gibbs, professor of the Reepham high school, is also in this line, who advocates the prohibition of smartphones in class to ensure greater interaction among students.

When recess or lunch time arrived, many students used this time to consult their cell phones instead of talking to their classmates. With this prohibition Cases of cyberbullying are also prevented by preventing cases such as the recording of some situations of harassment.

Improvement in notes

The opinion of these teachers is not the first to point out the benefits of banning smartphones in schools. A work of the London School of Economics collected information from numerous schools in the United Kingdom to analyze their policy with these technologies and the notes presented by their students.

Those centers that had prohibitive policies with smartphones presented an improvement in the 6,41% in your school notes. A fact that reminds teachers of the need to be attentive to the use that their students make of these devices. Although there are also those who affirm that the use of these devices can help students positively, there are no standardized policies on good use.

This results in students misusing their smartphones during the class schedule. This causes them to be distracted at this time, leading to worse grades at the end of the academic year. For this reason it is recommended that parents and teachers pay attention to this reality that happens within their schools.

Damián Montero

Video: Grades improve when cell phones banned in schools, but expert says distraction not the problem

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