Bathing season: how to make your staging a success

For children it is the best time of the year, but for some it can be a real trauma to go to the swimsuit each summer. Knowing what is best for each of us and following the norms of good taste and knowing how to be, can help you to make your staging and that of your family a success this year.

They. The bath season begins

- Halter necklines: elegant and flattering Avoid them if you have a lot of chest and do not hesitate to take it if you have little. They are also perfect for shaking shoulders.

- Swimwear. Tired of bikinis? This season the swimsuits are of raging news.

- Asymmetrical necklines: Very suggestive and elegant, but it takes a certain dose of glamor to wear them.

- Collars to the box and boat necklines: they increase breast and widen the shoulders.

- Flower prints: camouflage love handles.

- Nude colors: soft, ideal to hide any defect.

- Metallic colors: they substitute the colors "of all the life" like the red one or the turquoise, they are more suggestive, elegant and do not tire.

- Vertical stripes: stylize

The complements

Choosing the perfect swimsuit is not your only task, the accessories are essential to stand out and be beautiful. Opt for those that go together and are practical:

- Sunglasses: necessary rather than aesthetic, they avoid wrinkles and protect the eyes from the sun and the damage of ultraviolet rays.
- Pareos and falditas: They have the advantage that you can continue with them in the bathroom area or you have to run permanently behind the children.
- The minishorts: they are an alternative to the above, but they require more study and style.
- The beach dress: You saw more and it comes very well if you have to do some errand first.
- Flip flops: You can choose the classic finger, which increasingly there are more fashionable versions or even flat sandals. If you look better with some heel you can wear some espadrilles or sandals type clog.
- Jewelery: not any, it must be chosen for the occasion, the pendants and ethnic or silver air bracelets fit very well. The hoop earrings too.
- The beach bag: do not dismiss it, it does not have to match the rest of the outfit, but it must be pretty.

They. The masculine tendencies that best suit you

- Bermuda shorts. It favors everyone and camouflages imperfections. Although there are lengths for all tastes, the long to medium thigh usually works always. The longest reaching almost to the knee, waistband without rubber better for the youngest. If you are short, never put on some lengths because they will make you look disproportionate.

- Hawaiian print swimsuits they tire a bit, instead they are the ones with smooth colors, stripes and sports style.

- Swimsuits of vitaminized colors. The clear ones like white and yellow are very cool but they can be transparent.

Children. Style keys

Dressing the baby in summer is point and apart. The swimsuit is the children's summer uniform, it is better to invest in several swimsuits at a good price than one or two supercars because, total, they will end up just as shattered at the end of summer and above will be small the following year.

- When they go all the same brothers are very handsome ... and more locatable
- Unwise trend, little girls with bikini. It does not make much sense to wear a bra substitute when there is nothing to cover, and even more so when, with such a dip, they end up with the "bra" by the ears.
- The whole swimsuit, however, is thinner and always funny for the smaller ones.
- The panty briefs are more comfortable, but they can take you up to 6 years old at the most.
- The short lycra swimsuit for a child also has an expiration date, up to 6 years.

Knowing how to be: it is also possible in summer

Although the heat is unbearable and we are accustomed to scarce clothes, not everything goes. We know that the general atmosphere does not accompany, but do not let yourself be influenced and learn to stand out for your good taste:

- As great as they look, the gentlemen have to wear a shirt on their trips to the pool or the beach, just like when they drive or play sports.
- Ladies, the same. Walking through the promenade or the arcades of your house without pareo is not especially elegant.
- Naked children: possibly the worst of summer. Very babies have a pass, but the rest, always with the swimsuit on, for hygiene and aesthetics.
- Never take the sun by undoing all the possible suspenders or rolling up your swimsuit.
- Never sit at the table or walk around the house in a swimsuit.
- Children have more excuse, but they must learn the rules of knowing how to be.Although they are all in the holy day in a swimsuit, try to get used to wearing a shirt.

Marina Echánove. Stylist and writer
Author of the book Your style. The keys to elegance, femininity and distinction, by Editorial Palabra

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