Almost 17% of children in Spain have a smartphone

New technologies have come in many forms. Computers, video consoles and in recent years, the smartphones. Smart phones have become a common tool in the lives of many people, even among the new generations who have grown up with these devices and dominate them, in some cases, better than their own parents.

In fact, the presence of smartphones among the smallest it has increased in recent years and it is the parents themselves who facilitate the access of these devices to children. This is demonstrated in the study carried out by Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad in which the presence of these technologies among sectors of the population under 10 years of age has been demonstrated.

New experiences

The result of this study has been the Guide on the Responsible Use of Technology in the family environment. In it is reflected as minor and new technologies have become a fairly common binomial in recent times. Before reaching the age of 10, the 16,40% of children already have their own smartphone, a percentage that grows as the age of the children increases.

By age 15, half of the children already have their own smartphone. It also highlights that Internet access has become common among the smallest of the house and in fact 95.2% of children are handled in this online world, a percentage of which 29% dedicate more than 10 hours of the day to these activities on the network, especially to watch videos through streaming platforms or to manage profiles on social networks.

But you should not take the internet access of the little ones as something bad, but as an opportunity that provides the child with multiple Benefits:

- Access to information. Internet gives children the opportunity to be updated at all times, learn about what is happening worldwide, check news, support tasks.

- Communication with parents. A father can know almost where his son is in case of emergencies and locate him with total certainty.

- Learning New technologies become instruments that promote attractive and simple learning. In addition, the websites represent a showcase of information in which any curious child can learn without realizing it.

The importance of new technologies

The presence of new technologies at home is inevitable. Smartphones, tablets, computers and the internet have become elements immovable nowadays. The role of families is to inculcate the necessary values ​​to make the most of new technologies.

For this, digital education should be an important part of the catalog of competences that should be worked on as a family. Supervision, accompaniment Y orientation they must be insured by parents while accompanying the smallest and to promote the safe and responsible use of these tools.

In this sense, parents must face the following challenges:

1. Learn to transmit safe browsing habits and make responsible use of ICT. Parents should ensure that from very young, they know the risk behaviors, know how to identify and learn to avoid them.

2. Teach to manage negative experiences effectively, making them come to them whenever they feel insecure or have made mistakes, as well as detect what are the most appropriate and effective responses for each situation.

Damián Montero

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