How to take advantage of summer to promote autonomy

Summer is not just a time for rest. This free time can be used to learn, either by the reviews focused on not losing the pace, by engaging in educational activities or because at home different teachings can be transmitted. For example, summer holidays can serve to convey the importance of values ​​such as autonomy.

This is indicated by the child psychologist María Jesús Campos who recommends taking advantage of the summer to promote autonomy. The expert points out that although the importance of resting to recharge batteries and enjoy the family can not be forgotten, the independence of the child can also be encouraged through daily activities.

Daily activities

There is no need to think about the teaching of autonomy in summer as great lessons. The daily activities can serve to teach them to assume responsibilities and to develop. These are some ideas that can help achieve this goal:

- Take care of the little brothers. From picking them up at summer schools or taking care of their surveillance while the parents are at work. An activity especially recommended for adolescent children.

- Domestic tasks. Perhaps studies and other obligations meant that the child could not take on as many domestic chores as before, but in the summer free time makes it possible for them to perform more tasks. From preparing the table before the parents arrive home to placing the ironed clothes.

- Take charge of your responsibilities. If the child has a camp, a summer school or any other activity, they should be invited to take care of gathering all the necessary material. While parents can help, it must be the children who take responsibility.

- Your room, your responsibility. During the summer, free time and leisure can make young people relax their responsibilities, get up later and forget to make the bed. Like the rest of the year, your room is your responsibility and so parents should let you know.

- Teach them new housework. Some domestic tasks require some teaching time that might not be available for the rest of the year. The summer can serve so that for example the youngest ones take their first steps in the kitchen or so that the young people continue learning new recipes.

Free time management

Assigning these tasks to the little ones not only has a positive effect on the developing of autonomy. It also helps to manage the free time that children have on their holidays. Often this unemployment can lead to boredom that is solved with sedentary activities.

At this point the mission of the parents is to limit this free time and have the children assume these responsibilities at home. Another formula is to remind the children of the school review tasks. It is also recommended planning of certain activities with which to avoid that boredom makes an appearance on these dates.

An hour to read, a day in which to take advantage of board games, etc. The mission is to make children's free time to invest in activities that can have a benefit for them. Find the intermediate point where rest, fun and learning.

Damián Montero

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