Cooking with family, the best way to teach nutrition to children

In order to make our children healthy adults, we must teach them from an early age the importance of good nutrition. The key to achieving this is cooking with the family, the best way to teach nutrition to children. In a fun and educational way, we can include children in activities such as buying or making food, to awaken their curiosity for a balanced diet.

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house, not only because we spend a lot of time in it, but also because that's where the eating habits of our children. It is important that we are aware of how, from this room, we can educate and train children in nutrition so they can grow up as healthy adults.

Today, there are studies in the United States that suggest that the life expectancy of the current generation of children will be less than that of their parents, due to poor eating habits. Our children are much worse fed, if we take into account the amount of junk food they eat, and this is something that we should try to change, because the customs that develop in childhood will mark the way they eat when they reach adulthood.

Therefore, food and nutrition must be essential elements that are part of the education of our children. But nevertheless, It is difficult to find ways in which healthy foods get the attention of the little ones at home. It is also complicated to explain why one food is better than another. The solution to these problems lies in inclusion. It is necessary to involve children in the process of buying and preparing food. In short, cooking as a family.

All to purchase: in the hypermarket with children

We must take the children with us to make the purchase. But, we should not only limit ourselves to walking them in the corridors, while we choose the products. It is recommended that we encourage them to select fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods, so they can learn the differences between them, and how much they cost.

We can even ask that, before going to the purchase, choose a healthy recipe to be able to acquire the ingredients in the supermarket. In this way, we will awaken the curiosity of our children for certain foods beneficial to their health.

To collaborate in the kitchen!

The next step to educate our children on nutrition is to leave them participate during the preparation of food. Thus, children can learn to cook and have more interest in the dishes they have made. It is one hundred percent sure that, after having collaborated in the preparation of the meal, our children will taste it.

We may worry about the safety of children in the kitchen, but we should not be afraid. It will be enough to take some necessary precautions, such as assigning simpler tasks first, and increasing their difficulty as our children practice and learn.

Soon we will realize that cooking is not much more dangerous than other sports and activities that are often part of the daily life of our children. In addition, there are currently very successful television programs, such as Master Chef Junior, in which we can appreciate how very young children are able to do great things in the kitchen.

In the food, he preaches by example

Once the purchase is made and the food cooked, the only thing left is to eat it. Here we must, as parents, be teachers by example. We can not expect our children to eat broccoli and other vegetables, if we do not eat them regularly. If we have healthy eating habits, children will end up imitating us and maintain adequate nutrition.

Additionally, we should not label foods as "good" or "bad". Instead of totally banning foods such as chips or sweets, we must teach our children that in moderation is the key. It is better that they understand that, although these foods are delicious, they should be taken only occasionally because they are not the best for health.

Cooking as a family is an ideal method to educate our children about nutrition and good habits. Including children in everyday activities such as going shopping or participating in the preparation of the dishes will awaken curiosity in them.

Isabel López Vásquez

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