What multiple intelligences does child soccer develop?

All children have, at least, a natural talent, a capacity for a certain type of activities and, unfortunately, some of these abilities are "asleep in time" due to lack of adequate stimulation. However, although our children are very well "something" from little ones, do not forget that you have other multiple intelligences what can and should develop.

The Theory of multiple intelligences Dr. Howard Gardner, a research psychologist who works in Boston with brain damaged children, discovers that there are many different ways of being intelligent. That all of them interact with each other and that with good stimulation, can be fully developed because they are innate in the child.

We can not settle for thinking that at these ages he was born with "his intelligence coefficient" and that we can do little or nothing to change it. Yes we can. With certain activities, exercises and strategies, the child is able to increase their intellectual level.

The latest research has also pointed out that the Intellectual Coefficient provides only 20% of the factors that determine success, which means that the remaining 80% depends on other causes.

The intelligences that develop playing soccer

The football it is still the star sport in many countries and there are many children who play the game of football since they were very young, as part of one of their extracurricular activities. Events like the World Cup, which this year is celebrated in Russia, are a wonderful incentive to promote the practice of this sport among children.

The multiple intelligences that intervene in the sports practice of football interact with each other in a complex way.

1. When a child of four, five or six years old plays football, he uses the Kinetic-body intelligence to run, jump, kick, finish, etc.

2. Thanks to the spatial intelligence it is oriented in the field and foresees where the ball will fall.

3. Use the linguistic intelligence to communicate with colleagues.

4. Using the logical-mathematical intelligence anticipates the consequences of their actions and those of others.

5. Your Interpersonal intelligence facilitates active participation in the group respecting the rules, resolving conflicts and developing social skills.

6. With this game will certainly stimulate your Intrapersonal intelligence because it will increase their self-control, self-esteem, initiative and adaptation to different situations.

7. Finally, it is possible for the group to sing celebratory songs when winning the game, using the musical intelligence.

What is intelligence

Intelligence is a brain capacity that allows us to understand what surrounds us, also choose the best among several options, solve the problems and difficulties we encounter in life and create products valued by the social context in which we live.

Thanks to numerous investigations carried out in recent years, today we can affirm that intellectual abilities are the result of genetic inheritance. However, different aspects can be modified if the appropriate stimuli are received at the appropriate moments of development.

On the other hand, the studies carried out by neuroscientists indicate that each area of ​​the human brain is responsible for a type of solution to specific problems. That is, each area of ​​the human brain can express a form of intelligence.

With the exception of specific cases, boys and girls have the capacity to develop the eight multiple intelligences up to a reasonably high level of competence if they receive adequate stimulation. Do not forget that these intelligences work together. If we know how to develop all of them, we will get to get the best out of our children.

Solve problems

Stimulating the different intelligences of our children supposes to provide more tools to face the problems of the future. By stimulating the potential of your multiple intelligences we will be developing the necessary skills to solve problems in any area of ​​your life.

Marisol Fair. Educator and coordinator of the World Association of Early Childhood Educators

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