Depression in summer, why it occurs and how to avoid affecting the family

It is usual to think of winter as a season of sadness due to fewer hours of light and adverse weather that makes the time at home increase, leaving aside outdoor activities. On the contrary, the summer It is usually related to joy. The vacations arrive and the free time allows to realize numerous plans that remained in vilo the rest of the year.

Beach, swimming pool, walks in the countryside, trips to desired destinations. This is the image that is usually had of the summer, However it is not always so. In fact, there are even cases of depression related to the summer period. The Nexus Psychology Center defines this situation as Seasonal Affective Disorder, APR.

Origin of the TAE

The APR in the autumn and winter seasons is related to the decrease in sun hours. In the case of summer, interestingly, the opposite happens. The amount of daylight increases, what is the cause then? The reasons must be sought not only in human biorhythms, but also in the circumstances surrounding each person.

During the summer, the temperatures and the humidity rises in some areas. The body of people must adapt to a much warmer climate, with more hours of sunshine and in many things. This situation is maintained even during the night, which sometimes means less sleep or a break in conditions where it is more difficult to reconcile.

The TAE in summer can come into play others triggers seen as positive for many people. Light and good weather, good for some, can be bad for others. Also a key factor is the increase in leisure hours that occur when the person takes a vacation and has more free time to think.

Another cause that relates to the APR in summer may be self-esteem. Those with a greater number of complexes are likely to develop anxiety in situations like the pool or the beach, where they should show their bodies. Comparisons with other people can lead to the development of these problems at the psychological level.

Treatment of the TAE

To be able to treat the APR, you have to find the cause that caused it. For example, if lack of sleep is behind this situation, you will have to find the formula to be able to face to the high temperatures and reach a good rest. Use of air conditioners in night mode, fans or changing the room to a cooler area of ​​the house may be a good idea.

In those cases in which the APR is related to a lack of self-esteem, it is recommended to ask for help to start treatments with which to accept one's own image. Be able to recognize the negative thoughts and act accordingly is essential.

It is also essential to work in the domain of techniques against stress. At this point the family can create an environment of comfort Y tranquility for the person who is experiencing these problems.

Damián Montero

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