A petition was created to unify the EvAU exams

These days have been held the tests of access to college, a last effort before starting the studies that will define, to a large extent, the future of the students in Spain. However, although all of them are part of the same country, they do not perform the same examination. Each autonomous community decides how these tests are prior to the start of university higher education.

Can this generate any difference between the students? Some people understand that yes, as is the case of a student from Castile and León who has started a petition on Change.org to unify the exams for the University Access, EvAU, Throughout the national territory.

Same requirement for all

Roberto Castrillo, responsible for this petition, justifies this decision by understanding that the demand of his autonomous community is higher than that of the rest of the territories. In his view, the fact that students like him are required more than students from other areas makes him leave disadvantage. From their point of view, the same performance results in different cut notes.

This higher demand in your autonomous community makes your grade is below another student, even with the same knowledge. This means that students in this territory do not have the same opportunity to get a university position. In fact, there is a paradox that while in the PISA Castilla y León report it is the territory with the best results in this joint test, it does not occur in the EvAU.

Castilla y León is in the lead in tests such as Science or Reading Comprehension, other territories such as Extremadura are to the tail attending to the PISA data. But as the so-called Manu Report conducted by Professor Cristina Rueda Sabater shows, the trend is reversed when counting the average of outstanding.

Along with this student's request, we also find others such as the one made by Fernando Rey, Minister of Education of Castilla y León, last February during his speech in the Senate, where he requested the same model of EvAU for all of Spain.

Different dates

The exam model is not the only difference we find in the EvAU tests. The dates of these exams, both ordinary and extraordinary. For example, while communities like Madrid this year are ahead of the recoveries until July 3, 4 and 5, same dates as the Valencian Community, other areas such as Andalusia are still betting by September, specifically in days 11, 12 and 13 of this month.

On the suitability of this advance there are many points of view. For example, the same Madrid's community that it is a measure that benefits the continuous evaluation and also the student has greater possibilities of accessing the desired university degree.

Other entities such as the National Catholic Confederation of Parents, Concapable, prefers to wait to see how students adjust to this change, although from the beginning their point of view is that it is a measure that gives less time for the student to prepare a recovery test.

Damián Montero

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