Communication in family, do you know how to talk with the people in your home?

Many are the conversations that are held throughout the day with the family. From a simple "good morning" to talk about a news seen on TV. But, does it really exist? communication in the homes? Do members of a nucleus who spend so many hours together know how to talk?

PhD in Pedagogy from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Julia María Crespo, provides the basis to build positive communication in the family. Mastering good strategies in this area will allow good relationships to be built with the children, couple and other relatives within the home, something for which it will be vital to take into account all the points of view of the members of this nucleus.

Much more than a conviviality

Julia María Crespo suggests thinking about the family as something more than a group of people who live together. You have to imagine all the people as part of a gear. Any relationship within the home will help this machinery to start up. Therefore, if there is a good link between all of them, the climate within the home will be much better.

The creation of these spaces of coexistence will serve so that the different members of the family can develop at a person level. In particular, children will feel identified with this nucleus and this sense of belonging will allow them to share their problems when they arrive and ask for help at the most difficult times for him.

How do you achieve this state? Through the communication and the dialogue, horizontal processes in which the actors constantly exchange their roles, so that the sender becomes a receiver and vice versa during the course of a conversation.

The purpose of this process is to mutual knowledge and the creation of a common space of understanding. This common space facilitates relationships of authentic communication to the extent that the knowledge of the personal spheres of the participating subjects is broadened.

Build a good communicative model

In this publication, Dr. Julia María Crespo offers the following guidelines to build a good communication space within the family:

- Evaluate the opinions so that the family can make a joint decision making using dialogue and the sharing of all points of view.

- Develop assertive skills. Skills that include from the domain of positive expression of our impressions on the actions or thoughts of another person and, also, covers the coherence of the speech.

- Caring for something more than words. Attend to gesture, to posture, to all those elements of non-verbal language that, sometimes, contradict it and generate situations of ambiguity in the understanding of the message.

- Appropriate use of spaces and communication times. You have to know how to choose the moments and situations. Time and space are elements that can help or hinder communication depending on the expertise we demonstrate in its use.

Damián Montero

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