65% of children wear shoes one size below the corresponding

Although they are on the feet and can hardly be seen throughout the day, shoes, slippers, flip flops or sandals play a very important role in people. A footwear comfortable and adequate is necessary to avoid problems ranging from pain in these extremities to poor posture when walking.

It is always better to opt for comfort compared to other aspects such as, for example, footwear It is beautiful or it is the one that is fashionable nowadays. Are the feet of the little ones well equipped? According to a survey conducted by BlitzResults This does not happen since many children wear shoes with a size below the corresponding one.

More than half do not wear the right shoes

As has already been said, the data from this survey reveal that more than half of children do not wear footwear that fits their proper size. In particular, a 65% use one item smaller than recommended. The numbers offered by this survey highlight that 47% use only one size below and 18% two or more of what would be beneficial.

On the other hand, 35% of the children did have footwear from a proper size and 1% use one with space so that their feet can grow. Those responsible for this research remember the importance of the shoe or shoes not being adjusted, but allow some slack to allow normal movement of the child's limb.

It is also recommended not to get carried away by the size seen in the footwear. It is always advisable for the child to prove what is going to to buy and that of a few steps before taking it home. This is the only formula to know if this acquisition will be adequate or if on the contrary it will end up causing damage to the children's feet.

As they point out from BlitzResults, the 99 % of children are born with healthy feet. However, only a third preserve these healthy limbs when they reach adulthood. Among the reasons that give rise to this situation, the first is the use of a footwear below the recommended size.

Tips for buying children's shoes

How to make sure to buy good children's shoes? From the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu The following advice is given to parents:

- Remember that during the first 10 years the growth of the child's foot is exponential so it is useful to check once a month if the shoe has become too small.

- Check that the longest toe of the foot, usually the first, although sometimes the second, is 1.5 centimeters from the toe.

- Introduce without too much effort the index finger between the heel and the shoe. Especially when buying them since the size can vary from one manufacturer to another.

- Keep in mind that the fingers of children are very elastic, so if the shoe goes small, your fingers will compress and will not hurt you, but, even if you do not complain, it can cause problems in the natural growth of the foot .

- Inspect the foot, checking that there are no reddened areas due to constant friction or pressure that the shoe can exert.

- The compressions, while the foot is ossifying, cause important deformations. When in doubt, better shoes that are a little bigger than tight ones.

Damián Montero

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