Good notes, should they be celebrated and rewarded?

The end of the course is approaching, except for those students who have to recover a subject. But those who have achieved their goals have earned a well-deserved rest, without resting on their laurels. Do they also deserve a reward? Should the achievement of these objectives be rewarded?

Or on the contrary, it is simply necessary to point out to the student that this is what is expected of him? There are many psychologists who point out that the answer lies in maintaining the motivation of the student and not in looking for the young person to look for the good grades to achieve a prize End of course.

The satisfaction of approving

From the Psychology and Speech Therapy Center The Teu Espai Parents are warned that the use of prizes to celebrate good grades keeps children away from the real goal. According to these professionals, the priority should be to motivate children for good grades, to make them see that the satisfaction of achieving this goal is the best reward that can be achieved.

For its part, the Institute of Integral Psychology of Peru, stresses that although everyone likes to receive a gift, conditioning a present to a certain behavior is not the most positive way to educate. Rewarding good grades seems a small blackmail that can, in many cases, increase the pressure on the scholar. It is normal that when obtaining these qualifications the parents feel the need to reward the child in some way.

However, when good intention becomes habitIt can be counterproductive. In addition, we must always bear in mind that it is very difficult to be fair at the moment of rewarding the qualifications. There are children who try hard and yet take mediocre grades.

On the other hand, a materialistic attitude in the son, reaching the point that he refuses to do anything if he is not rewarded. The children must study and strive to be better every day and not in the interest of getting something material.

Punish bad results

And what about the bad grades? It is necessary to differentiate between the cases where there has been an effort and where the result comes from a neglect. In the second situation it is necessary to eliminate those elements that have distracted the child and yes that a punishment would proceed.

For example, if the student spends too much time video game, you have to deprive them of this distraction. The same in cases where it is the smartphone, tablet or computer that takes time study. If the child has tried hard and has scored poorly, do not use punishment.

The measure on this occasion will be to encourage him not to lose hope and try to find the point that could have failed despite everything. Was it stress, is the study tactic what went wrong?

Damián Montero

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