Plans for the summer with which to recover lost time

The school year is over. If the grades were good it is time to take advantage of the holidays to have fun and rest, a goal that parents must also pursue during those days that are granted at work. Many are the plans that are opened ahead and that can serve to strengthen the ties again paternal-affiliates.

After so many days working, studying and going to school, the summer It is presented as the best time to bet on these plans and get back the lost time. There are many things to do and here we propose several that will suit the tastes of each family.

Family plans

Depending on the tastes of each family and the time available for it, the choice will opt for a plan or another:


Summer and holidays are synonymous with traveling, you just have to agree with the destination and go to it. There are many options and the family will have a great time walking through the streets of the city to which they go, visiting monuments and creating great memories that can be remembered once the winter returns and obligations.

Hiking trails

In particular, if you start in the morning taking advantage of the freshness of this time of day, the whole family can consult those routes near your home, equip themselves with groceries and good clothing to be able to practice hiking.

Visits to the town

Not all destinations should be sun and beach, sometimes you can choose to visit the town of parents and make alternative plans. A few days of disconnection in these locations far from the city. In addition, it is also a great opportunity to reconnect with other distant relatives such as grandparents, uncles or cousins.

Summer cinema

The seventh art is always a good choice for family plans. During this summer period the summer movie theaters open and offer an alternative to the classic way of viewing movies on the big screen.

Know the city itself

Has the family ever stopped to know what the city in which they live offers? There are many plans that exist, from museums to other cultural activities such as temporary exhibitions.


Whether for several days or on different days, the beach is a summer classic. There are many fun activities that can be done there. From a swim in the sea to the construction of sandcastles or a walk along the shore. A plan that in turn offers a wide range of possibilities.

Damián Montero

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