The best books for young people with whom to spend this holiday

Holidays are coming. The notes arrive, many students face this period of rest in which boredom can appear. But, little to be thought, there are many activities that can be carried out and that can be amuse. For example, reading is postulated as a practice that can be developed during these months to occupy those hours that seem dead.

A book can be the best companion for young people, a paper friend to take to swimming pools, beaches or in the armchair at home. Today we propose several ideas so that in the hands of the children fall a copy that you like and also invite you to bet on one of the pleasures that you have not been able to enjoy as much as you would have liked along the course.

Books for the holidays

These are our proposals for young people to enjoy this activity during the summer:

For the adventurers. Sentinel of the Ice.

If your child is one of those who resort to reading to plunge into an exciting adventure, this is the best bet. In these pages the protagonist, Stella will travel to ancient civilizations and exotic seas where the Council of Elders will entrust her and her friends with a special mission to face the ambitions of power of those who want to dominate men and sirens.

For the detectives. The strange case of the perfect girl.

Fantasy, love and mystery come together in this story that begins with the sound of broken glass in the bathroom of the institute. Carlos, alerted by the crash, goes there quickly and finds Esther Sanchez, the most perfect girl in the whole school, lying on the floor and with a big head wound. Next to her, he discovers a strange object that is immediately hidden in his pocket. From that moment, the life of Carlos will be involved in a mysterious adventure, where nothing will be what it seems to be.

For those who want to improve. No fear of flying.

The gymnast Simone Biles, winner of four gold medals at the Rio 2016 Olympics tells her story that she starts from a difficult childhood in a shelter and how her faith and family helped her achieve her deepest dreams come true. A few pages that show how when you pursue a dream it is possible to get the wings to fly.

For the fans of history. The death of César.

Perhaps the most remembered murder in history. Barry Strauss compiles all the steps before the death of the president and how this plot ended with this crime that changed with the aspirations of Julio César, a tyrant who aspired to be king and gain more power at the expense of the rest.

Damián Montero

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