Inspiring accommodations for a luxury family vacation

It's time to start thinking about vacations, making plans and reservations. But if this summer you want to live something different, run away from the monotony of the apartment with swimming pool or hotel at the edge of the sea and you fancy something exotic, but without having to cross the ocean, take note.

This summer surprises your family and friends with a new concept of accommodation in the countryside, where you do not need to sleep in a tent, or give up certain amenities and even luxuries.

This new concept of bungalows of El Delfin Verde is inspired by the resorts of the Polynesia or the Maldives, but focused on families. In the midst of an environment of tropical plants, family bungalows are located, surrounded by pedestrian and recreational areas dedicated to swimming pools and aquatic areas. Every day there are activities for each age group. From the smallest to the oldest or athletes can participate in a host of activities and entertainment.

And the most important thing for parents is that their children have a good time and they can feel the calm that is enjoyed when the children are comfortable and entertained. The Delfin Verde offers many holiday resorts (bungalows, glamping, villas, camping ...), which bet on the balance necessary to enjoy leisure and rest to recharge the batteries without forgetting the smallest.

Among the activities of the El Delfin Verde program of activities, the Miniclub offers activities for children between 4 and 8 years old, the Maxi Sports club for children between 8 and 12 years old and for Teenies between 13 and 17 years old. years, the Sports club. Those over 18 and adults also have their own club to perform various activities during their stay at El Delfin Verde.

In addition to sporting events and competitions, during your stay you can enjoy live music concerts, contests such as Miss Delfin Green, Night shows and a mini disco for your children to have fun dancing to the rhythm of music.

The bungalows of El Delfin Verde are located in a pedestrian area with a maximum capacity for 5 people, including babies, with a room with a double bed of 150x200cm, a room with two single beds and a 90x190 high, a living room with TV, kitchen equipped with dishwasher, two bathrooms with shower, washbasin and WC, cable Internet connection (paid service), air conditioning, covered porch with tables and chairs, and a parking space.

In addition, in the facilities you will find two swimming pools to take a dip when you come from the beach. You can also practice all kinds of sports, including adventures, rent bicycles, pedal karts or segways comfortably because all the management is done from the ticket office of El Delfin Verde.

Glamping, camping + glamor for families

Glamping is another wonderful option to get out of the routine this summer. It is a variant of nature tourism that offers families to be in direct contact with the environment without sacrificing comfort and well-being. The glamping accommodations are always outdoors and have exclusive services and a relaxation area to appreciate the nature that surrounds it.

Glamping arose between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, along with the first expeditions of Americans and Europeans through Africa. Some British explorers like the well-known David Livingstone, who propitiated the tourism by the African continent, united the African nature with the western advances. Their safari tents had king-size beds, luxurious sheets, Persian carpets, period furniture and, above all, numerous staff waiting to satisfy the orders of wealthy travelers. This conception of glamping is the closest thing to the current trend.

Today glamping means camping + glamor. The great novelty of this year is the spectacular Village "Glamping Costa Brava", with luxury tents. The glamping Costa Brava is the wise combination of glamor and camping, is inspired by African luxury shops, based on which has been created a new high quality accommodation to enjoy the greatest luxury, without having to give up the feeling of live in tents.

The glamping, like the bungalows, are located in a pedestrian area and consist of a room with a double bed, a room with a bunk bed with two beds, a wooden loft with two single mattresses, a living room with TV, a kitchen equipped with a dishwasher , bathroom with sink, shower and toilet and air conditioning. Having dinner on the porch of your Costa Brava glamping, you can feel yourself living the movie "Memories of Africa".

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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