A book summer: children's reading, something more than a hobby

The holidays are here. Days where we know that they can be the best or the worst for our children. All the work sown in this course can be spoiled if we let these months pass in a "dolce far niente". In June, for example, they end up reading 120 words per minute, and with ten books read throughout the year, and in September we find 98 words per minute and, if anything, the reading of a comic book.

The habits acquired thanks to the schedule, the discipline of the classroom, the various sports competitions, the extracurricular activities ... can be blurred like fog if we do not think about how our children should occupy their time. Take advantage of the summer to love them reading, without imposing it, creating taste and love, and alternating reading times with other activities that children like a lot, will be the key to success.

Create a family book

Creating a book with children can be very fun if we put it into practice this summer. For example, a storybook can be written by everyone. Each day, at a certain time, they will write a story. Perhaps each one has to continue where he left off the previous day, or continue the story that started another, etc. It can also serve to invent different stories that we will write on the computer or by hand, taking care of the letter, the margins, drawing some beautiful titles and decorating it at the end.

When we bring a good number of pages, we will have to draw an attractive cover and then, of course, bind it to leave it in the library of the house. Maybe we can write it on sheets DIN A3 size, which we will then fold in half and we will sew them. We can also take the folios (in this case DIN A4) to a store to put a canutillo.

Tips to motivate children in summer

- Summer schedule. With the flexibility that the holidays suppose, it is still necessary, however, that there is a certain schedule and that it includes a fixed time to get up. It will help them strengthen their will and take advantage of time.

- Encourage reading. One of the best gifts we can give our children is to love reading books. We must know that it is something that we can not impose on them, but we do favor it: by having a library at home, creating the material conditions so that it can be read, etc. This way you will not lose reading habits in summer.

- Carry out different activities. Boring children are a field of many things, and not all good. Therefore, you may have to think of several ideas to take advantage of mornings or "foolish" days: day trips to the zoo, amusement park, museums or parks with children's offer ...

- Accompany them. The boys like TV a lot and if we let them, they would spend hours, something not very recommendable. But we can select the programs that you can watch every day and nothing more. Sometimes, it is very interesting to see with them an entire chapter of the series that they like to check their values.

- Languages. An entertaining activity is the films in English, because in this way they see pictures or videos of action while they learn.

Children need activities that involve perseverance and responsibility, that is, they do not start and end on the same day, or they begin, but never again be known about them. If you are excited about a model you have to help them and demand them to finish it, otherwise it would be a mess.

Ricardo Regidor
Advice: Jesus Mendive. Elementary School teacher

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