The influence of climate on the results of examinations

Approve a exam depends largely on the preparation of the agenda that is asked in it. However, you can not deny the influence of other factors such as previous rest, the nervousness with which this test is faced or even the temperature that marks the day in which the student faces this challenge.

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from American universities such as Harvard, Ucla and Georgia. A work where it is clear that temperature plays a very important role performance and the result that the student has the day of the exam.

Heat worse than cold

The study was conducted following closely the performance of different students over a period of 13 years. The results after this tracing they showed that the climates in the colder zones of the north and the zones with smooth average much of the south presented / displayed better average notes that in the hot locations.

Evidence from this study showed that the cumulative exposure The heat inhibits the development of cognitive abilities. The researchers calculated that for each increase of 0.55 degrees in the average temperature during the year, there was a 1% drop in the student's performance on the exams.

As temperatures rose above 21 degrees the students had greater problems of concentration during the exam and these effects accentuated once the temperatures rose above 32 degrees. A call for attention that suggests measures such as the installation of air conditioning or fans in the study areas or the progress of the tests at times when the heat is not too much.

Keys to pass exams

Although temperature can not be controlled, there are other keys that the student can handle and get a greater chance of success in these tests:

- Nothing to leave it to the end. It is better to go day to day than binge as the test approaches.

- Sleep well the night before. Rest is important to keep your mind fresh before taking an exam.

- Better go with time to the exam session. It is better to go with time to avoid problems and also get to relax before facing the test.

- Read before answering. Better to know what you are asking before answering.

Damián Montero

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