Step-by-step relaxation exercise for stressed young people

When we feel nervous and the feeling of anxiety invades us, nothing better than resorting to a relaxation method to calm down, release tensions and eliminate stress. The breathing exercises as relaxation technique they help a lot Learn the step by step of relaxation through the breathing.

The relaxation method, properly speaking, starts here. Now, we will concentrate the attention on the muscles of the forehead, taking time to relax them progressively.

We will let that feeling spread through all the muscles around the eyes. The eyebrows are desulling; the eyelids are closed, covering the eyes like heavy velvet curtains. The muscles of the cheeks relax; the jaws are loosened and, as a result of relaxation, the lips open slightly. If we breathe through the mouth, we will feel the breath, the fresh air that penetrates and the hot air that comes out. At this moment, the whole face is relaxed, the whole face relaxed, loose, smooth as a mask.

The pleasant sensation of relaxation extends to the muscles of the neck and neck, which relax in turn. We can sketch some slow movements of rotation to better appreciate the sensations of relaxation, which are now slowly propagated by the muscles of the shoulders and along the arms. The muscles of the arms relax and then the muscles of the forearms, and the sensation extends through the palms of the hands, to the tips of the fingers. In fact, if we move the tips of our fingers, we will notice even better the well-being that has been installed in them.

Now, we will feel how the muscles of the back relax, those that are in contact with the back of the seat and others. From the top of the back to the lower back, we will feel this sense of relief that is installed everywhere, benevolent, relaxing. We will let this wave of relaxation spread through the muscles of the buttocks, which are in contact with the seat. And we will let it spread through the muscles of the legs to the feet. The muscles of the heel, the sole of the feet and the base of the fingers relax in turn.

An image of calm

At this time, the whole body is relaxed, from the top of the forehead to the tip of the toes. We are totally calm, relaxed, relaxed, and the breathing is calm, calm, serene. To fully enjoy this delicious relaxation, this soothing calm, this serene tranquility, this radiant serenity, let us imagine a landscape where we would like to be now, right at this moment.

It can be a place on the coast, in the middle of summer, quiet and sunny, with a panorama of snow-capped mountains, a forest adorned with the colors of autumn, a green country landscape or the shady shores of a lake. We choose, taking our time to imagine that landscape. Let's enjoy the place, soaking in it, its atmosphere, its atmosphere, its stillness, its warmth, its colors, its music. The breathing is calm, calm, serene. And we will feel the relaxation that we enjoy.

The calm image

For relaxation we can create an image of calm, absolute calm, which can include colors, sounds, smells or sensations. This image increases the tranquility produced by relaxation. And then it can be used outside the relaxation method, autonomously, to cause a state of calm when we need it. An almost instantaneous relaxation technique to urgently relieve excessive stress and irritation.

We all possess, without being at times fully conscious, an image of calmness. Here are some, although it may be a good idea to start looking for your own:

- the Saharan desert and its dunes of reddish sand;
- a green coast with its rocks and a lighthouse in the background;
- a forest road that borders a lake with calm waters;
- a clearing in the forest, with large trees and a spring;
- a tropical island, its turquoise blue water and its beaches of fine white sand;
- large pines at the water's edge, flowers and birds;
- an old country house, the heat and smells of summer;
- a family garden ...

Return to the usual

In a moment, we will open our eyes and recover the usual tone. But first, you have to make several strong inspirations, rubbing the face vigorously with your hands, firmly tightening your fists and stretching your arms and legs to regain energy and tone. Then, we will open our eyes.

This relaxation session lasts 15 to 20 minutes. The role of breathing with the belly is essential for the relaxation domain. Respiratory blockage or tight breathing is an obstacle to quality relaxation.Using this technique in a habitual way, we can get to better control the stress and the feelings that invade us, so that we can lead a life of full and enriching relationship.

Video: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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