How to avoid a sedentary lifestyle in the family

The sedentary lifestyle In the new generations it is a problem that is causing diseases like obesity to become more common. The habits of life have changed, the youngest opt ​​for entertainment options such as video games, tablets or smartphones instead of going out on the street to move and opt for a more active lifestyle.

In these cases the family has a lot to say. This environment in which the child moves influences their day to day, so if you choose a lifestyle more active, this will have a positive impact on children's lives. If the household chooses healthier practices, which imply movement, in the end these will become routines that children will follow over the years.

The example of the parents

As has been said, the family has a great influence on the development of the little ones. In particular, parents serve as an example for their children to choose the path to follow. When parents have very good habits sedentary Your children acquire the same habits.

Parents should show exercise and physical activity as a alternative of healthy leisure and more fun than sitting in front of a screen. Of course, they should be allowed to join these practices and plan the free time to go outside to move.
From the Perseo Program, promoted by the Ministry of Health of Spain, the following tips are provided:

1. Choose gifts that stimulate physical activity (bicycles, skates, balls, etc.) instead of gifts that favor a sedentary lifestyle.

2. Change sedentary family activities by physical activities in family. Arriving on the weekend, choosing a hiking route can be a great idea.

3. In children under two years do not promote any kind of sedentary activity.

4. Do not place a television in the children's room as it increases its use.

5. Do not use television during meal times. It will give the impression that this device is a common leisure option.

6. Do not "peck" while performing sedentary activities.

7. The use of videogames and videoconsoles must be done in places where time of use can be controlled.

8. If the minors have a smartphone, at home they should only be allowed to use the landline to control the time of use and the mobile would be in the background.

9. Create happy moments.

Dangers of sedentariness

The Perseus Program also advances a series of dangers derived from a sedentary lifestyle that should serve to raise awareness about the importance of a more active lifestyle:

- Increase in obesity and overweight.

- The decrease in physical activity and consequent health problems.

- The decrease of physical form.

- Increased feelings of depression, decreased body satisfaction and self-competence.

- The increase in cardiovascular diseases in the early stages of life.

- Decrease in the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

- Increase consumption of sugary drinks, sweets, salty snacks, and different types of unhealthy fast food.

Damián Montero

Video: Dr. Kelly Starrett - Sitting Can Shorten Lifespan, Easy Tips To Prevent A Sedentary Lifestyle

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