What to do with the little ones during the holidays?

When summer comes, many parents ask themselves the same question, what to do with the little ones when they are on vacation? In the summer period, children have three months without school, and so much time goes by.

In most cases, this is a great effort for parents, who have to make the vacations of the smallest ones compatible with their work activity. The questions that arise are, what activities should children do during the summer? Should we continue with the same routines at home or can they have more freedom? And what about the duties?

The offer of summer activities for children is increasingly wide: workshops, camps, sports stays ... and all of them are a great resource and provide a break for parents.

Any activity aimed at children is an unbeatable opportunity for the little ones to make new friends and have new experiences whenever they can do activities that they like and do not live it as something that generates anxiety or have the feeling that parents do not want spend time with them.

Grandparents and relatives, the star resource

In cases where it is possible, the star resource is to have grandparents and relatives who maintain the care of the children when the parents are not present.

The grandparents they are an important part of society, since in many cases they collaborate in a relevant way in the family economy, but when summer arrives, they are a very important resource with the children if the parents work.

What activities should the little ones do during the summer?

Summer is a good time for children to learn to take responsibility for the things around them. It is, therefore, important that they are able to manage their times and self-regulate.
It is not that they are subject to an overwhelming routine or as busy as they have during the school year, but they should not lose that idea of ​​habits they internalize during the rest of the year

Thus, we have activities such as camps and recreational activities where leisure moments are combined with sports activities and softer classes than at school are an unbeatable option.

In many municipalities there are summer schools where children can perform tasks between 9-10 in the morning and 13-14 hours, always with the playful nature as a main component.

Sport is an almost obligatory task, and as in the middle months of the year temperatures can become overwhelming, the swimming It is presented as a physical and recreational activity to be promoted in free time indispensable in summer.

As for the homework, it is obvious that the children should continue with their homework, but as we said, always in a more relaxed way. Duties should not occupy more than 40 minutes a day. It is more convenient that the children enjoy the summer and get air.

The reading It is also fundamental. It is because it is a practice that helps them to enhance their imagination, reach a greater degree of culture and stay entertained in a way away from new technologies and mobile devices, which is appropriate to use them with some caution.

Summer is also an ideal time to devour books, because there are fewer ties in the daily routine.

The tips for achieving conciliation in adults

Many parents feel a little frustrated because work prevents them from spending more time with their children. To avoid this feeling, the first key is not to feel guilty, the little ones can enjoy the summer with intensity and the adults, try to make the most of the time they spend with them.

To achieve a better conciliation, a second advice is to try to plan work schedules during those months, betting on intensive days or reducing the workload.

As for the little ones, and so that the time spent with them is as pleasant as possible, it is essential to listen to their wishes to choose one activity or another, so that they feel comfortable with their leisure time.

Finally, if you get bored at home, nothing happens. It is not necessary that the time you spend at home or during the holidays is always scheduled, bored sometimes is fine, so this forces them to develop their imagination and avoid feeling overwhelmed by an agenda so loaded with activities.

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