The clothing material more important than the price in children's fashion

Quality or price? This is the decision that many families face when buying. Some may think that it is better to buy a cheaper product in order to save, while others may choose something more expensive and durable so that in the long term they do not have to repeat the purchase.

In fact, the quality it seems to be the criterion applied in the purchases of many Spaniards when it comes to getting clothes for their children. The material from which the garments are made is the first point that is taken into account when purchasing children's fashion, a criterion that is even ahead of the price.

Cotton, the most searched

A survey conducted by vente-privee ensures that the material with which children's clothing is manufactured is key for Spanish buyers. Of all of them, cotton is the preferred material, 92%. Behind the fabric the price is the second criterion and the design as decisive factors of purchase.

This survey has also revealed a great change in recent years in the way children dress. For 9 out of 10 respondents, the way they dress has changed dramatically in recent years. The classic style has lost steam and was only chosen by the 25%. Among the most popular, parents choose to dress them in a modern way, 46%.

The sports style was chosen by a 12% parental. It also turned out that children's fashion is quite influenced by adult trends, that's the way it was in 95%. It is also important to note that, according to most respondents, the main source of inspiration when choosing children's clothes is the style of parents (49%), far ahead of social networks and popular people, 18%. or of the fictional characters, 14%.

Shopping tips

These data result from a study that has taken online purchases into account. A system that has been increasing in recent years as a result of the expansion of new technologies. Here are some tips for this:

- Install an updated security software to avoid third-party assaults that are aware of your data.

- Those who buy from the mobile have to remember to protect purchases by adding passwords that must allow applications in the settings section.

- It is always better to use a virtual card in which you enter the correct amount for the purchase or a PayPal account or the cash on delivery.

- The opinions of other buyers. A purchase online does not allow you to review the product in person, but we can get an idea thanks to the opinions of previous buyers.

- Know the guarantees of the web. What happens if the product does not arrive? Who is responsible for the surcharge? And if the item arrives defective? The buyer must have guarantees before making the transaction.

Damián Montero

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