Music as a tool to strengthen ties between parents and children

The bond between parents and children is a very important link to work for. When adolescence arrives, it is Union It can be affected by the growing feeling of rebellion experienced at these ages. However, there are other formulas with which to approach young people.

One of these keys is the music, which can serve as a link between parents and children. This is indicated by a study Journal of Family Communication where it is shown that those adolescents who have shared moments of melody with their parents have given rise to more enriching relationships with their parents and have strengthened their long-term ties.

Music on trips

In this study, a group of young adults was analyzed, with an average age of around 21 years. All of them had to answer a questionnaire where they had to describe the relationship with their parents when they were children and if they had carried out activities related to the music. Finally, they also answered several questions about what the family bond they had at the present time was like.

The results of the investigation They showed that young people who share musical experiences with their parents usually maintain better relationships with their mothers and fathers when they grow up. Although the study focused on young people, it is also invited to live these moments with the little ones in the house.

However, it did show that those cases where musical moments were shared with adolescents, the link was secured more at these ages. Among the moments recommended to spend with the young people, are the concerts, trips in the car with the radio on or just a background song.

Why is this happening? The researchers reveal that during the development of the musical activity develop other practices such as singing together. Something that generates a funny moment between both that stays in the long-term memory.

Other formulas to strengthen the bond

While music is positioned as a tool for strengthen the link between parents and children, there are many other formulas to ensure this alliance:

- To play. The game is one of the most enjoyable activities, moments that unite through fun.

- Physical contact. One is never older to feel the affection of their relatives through physical contact.

- Talk. What better way to know how things are going than by asking how the day has gone?

- Be interested in their tastes. As the little ones grow, they develop their tastes. Taking an interest in them is always a good idea.

Damián Montero

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