Physical activity in the development of the senses of the small

Physical activity is essential for all people. The benefits of the movement are more than those of a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, its presence in the smallest ensures a good development. Not only his physical abilities, but his senses, a way to develop the tools with which he interacts in his world.

From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics and Primary Care, AEPap, it is indicated that the natural physical activity between 12 and 36 months is called active game and it serves so that the smallest discover the world with all the senses. When the child crawls, hides, plays on the ground, explores the world, comes with the view to details that can not be seen from the bipedal position.

Playing and growing

From AEPap the following ideas are indicated for the development of the smallest ones through the game. Diversified activities according to the point where you want to work:
Sense of balance:

- Dancing while holding him in his arms or carrying him on a horse and doing runs and braking.

- When walking in the car, give small accelerations (without losing control) so you can go checking the different speeds at which you can move.

- At home, try to walk following a path traced by the line between tiles or have them walk on small curbs, always by hand to avoid falls.

- Teach him to go down a slide showing how to support the arms in front.


- Kick a ball. First with the dominant leg and then try the other limb, alternate between the two.

- Sing songs in which you have to play different parts of the body or have a simple dance.

- Play the circle spinning to the side and then change the direction of the turn.

- Make a small gymkhana in spaces like the park: run to the largest tree, go three times, pass under the bench, climb the slide and slide through it.


- Put music with different instruments so that the child refines the ear and can recognize them.

- Cover the ears of the child and in a space without the presence of furniture or other elements with which he may stumble, try to find his father while he is waving a rattle.

- Play the imitations of sounds.


- Find a treasure from a map that is provided with elements that can recognize. Your concentration will also be improved.

- Find objects camouflaged in jars of chickpeas so that they can notice differences and be successful.

- Open a book where there are many characters like animals.

Damián Montero

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