Reconciliation, the second most important point when choosing a company

Choosing a job is something that involves evaluating different criteria. For example, young people may consider the possibility of traveling or the opportunity to continue learning. In the case of people more adults, and already with a trained family, take into account the facilities at the time of managing the labor field with that of your own home.

In fact, conciliation is the second most important point when choosing a company, as demonstrated by the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2018 where 7,000 Spaniards have participated along with other respondents from 26 countries. A fact that shows how the conciliation is a point taken into account by future employees.

The salary, the most important point

The first most important point when deciding on a job. The 63% of the respondents affirm that the economic retribution is the most important reason at the time of selecting a company. Although it is still the most valued, this aspect has stabilized and continues to be maintained in an equal percentage during the last 4 editions of this study.

On the contrary, the conciliation between work and personal life consolidates its importance as a point when choosing a job. For the second consecutive year, it is postulated as the second most important factor, after increasing its importance by ten percentage points since the previous edition and being elected by the 55% in this year's edition.

Also with a relationship with the development of family life, other factors considered important are the job security (48%) and flexibility (41%). Finally, workers give value to a good work environment and in fact it is the third most reason used by professionals to work in a company, as 50% of them affirm.

Ideas for family and work conciliation

While the company must take into account the reconciliation within their plans, at home you can also work for this goal:

- To plan. Time is limited, and you have to manage and deal with the agenda of each day to see the hours available and how you can distribute the obligations.

- Prioritize. Many obligations are those that exist, but should all be assumed? Or is there one that can be left aside? Prioritizing helps clarify what is most important.

- Everyone to work. The division of tasks is essential to achieve conciliation at home. Everyone must contribute their bit to achieve this goal.

- Overtime for home. Disregarding overtime and their rewards can be an investment for the family. Time is money and that is something that is discovered when one passes it along with theirs.

- Take advantage of technology. We live in a hyperconnected world, perhaps some tasks can be done from the computer at home and with family members.

Damián Montero

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