Skoda Fabia Combi. Capable and orderly

We only need to look inside our vehicle to know what kind of family we are and how much we store in the car. The new Fabia Combi adapts to our needs and prepares for the arrival of suitcases, drinks and other essentials for each trip.
We are in front of a car of measurements for everyday use in the city, with good habitability solutions for traveling as a family or leisure activities if we need to transport objects of volume. It's the new Fabia Combi.
If we look at a car inside, after several months of use, and we are observers, it is possible to know many things about who is the habitual user of that car. In our car we usually carry, or simply leave, the most used things, whether by professional need, hobbies or family; objects that come to identify us. That is why many manufacturers put special care so that all these things have a place in our car. The manufacturer Skoda is one of the most interested in this aspect and the new Fabia Combi is a good example. It has a trunk with a capacity of 530 liters, the highest volume of its rivals in the same segment, for a vehicle measuring 4.26 meters in length. But, as already indicated, it is not a matter of having a large trunk where you can leave your luggage and a wallet or other items for personal use at the same time, all mixed up.
In the passenger compartment there is a wastebasket in the side door. The storage nets on the inside edges of the front seats can accommodate various small items and have more space for bottles, the rear doors can store a half-liter bottle, while a one-liter bottle fits in the glove compartment. A liter and a half bottle can also be stored in each of the front doors, a half-liter bottle in the two rear doors and a 0.5-liter bottle and a 0.4-liter bottle in the center console. With this, the Fabia has room for up to seven bottles of drinks.
"Simply clever" solutions
It also has the 'Simply Clever' solutions. The trunk has a removable retractable cover, with a pushbutton function: if the edge of the extended cover is pressed, it will roll up. It has two hooks for bags in the trunk and, as an option, two storage nets (two vertical and one horizontal) to keep the trunk space organized. In addition, an optional flexible storage compartment for the trunk can hold various objects in place. A support for parking cards on the inside of the left A pillar allows the driver to slide the card for easy viewing. Another solution 'Simply Clever' is the function of curved lighting of the fog lights.
These details give us the best idea that we are facing a car of contained measures for daily use in the city, with good habitability solutions to travel as a family, or leisure activities, if we need to transport objects of volume, as the seats can carry objects up to 1.55 meters long or modular space to get a space of up to 1,395 liters.
The reduction of consumption has been a primary objective of the brand to achieve an ecological reference in the model, which can be purchased with diesel engines of 90 and 105 horses, with which you can get very low consumption. In gasoline has three options of 75, 90 and 110 horses. In all cases it has the automatic engine start and stop system during the arrests, very practical in the city.
In terms of safety, the new Fabia consists of the most advanced devices of its industrial group and in option it can install the Front Assistant system with the Emergency Brake Function in Integrated City, which totally stops the vehicle automatically, to prevent collisions by reach. In addition, another system will detect the fatigue of the driver: the Speed ​​Limiter can prevent the car from exceeding the preset speed and Hill Hold Control helps the driver to start uphill. It also has electronic control of tire pressure.
In terms of comfort, this Combi version has the keyless opening, starting and closing system, front and rear parking sensors, rain that automatically controls the frequency of windshield wipers and lights that turn on or off the crossing depending on the conditions .

Data sheet
Engine: Gasoline 1.0 MPI of 75, 1.2 TSI of 90 and 110 CV. Diesel 1.4 of 90 and 105 HP.
Transmission: front-wheel drive and 5 or 6-speed manual transmission and DSG 7 Vel. Aut. Optional.
Suspension: Front McPherson and multi-link rear.
Brakes: Discs in both axes or discs and drum.
Steering: rack-and-pinion steering and electromechanical assistance.
Performance: Maximum speed from 176 to 195 km / h.
Consumption: From 3.8 to 4.8 l per 100 km
Length / width / height: 4.25 / 1.73 / 1.48 meters.
Capacities: Trunk 530 / 1,395 liters. Deposit, 45 liters.
Prices: From € 12,519 to € 16,990 in gasoline and € 14,970 to € 19,230 in diesel.

Francisco DEL BRÍO

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