Kia Ceed. European Union consolidation

Just a month ago that the Korean manufacturer Kia has shown the new model Ceed, which from September this year will replace the current cee'd and, although it may seem like a writing error, the new generation will be called Ceed, which is also the acronym for the European and European Design Community, which is quite a declaration of intentions of the Europeanism of the brand, because the new Ceed has been conceived, designed, developed and manufactured in Europe.

Of course, it will be available with the warranty of 7 years or 150,000 kilometers.
All this intention is not only based on the image of the car, very much in line with the majority of models of its competitors, but in a total adaptation to the context of such varied conditions and of such different pavements of European roads and modes. and ways of driving of its users. For this, the independent suspension has been improved to provide a quicker and more agile response to the steering wheel, together with an adjustment of the shock absorbers and a faster rack direction.

The same happens with the range of engines of the new Ceed, that adapt to the demands of our continent. Gasoline options include an updated version of the 1.0-liter Kia T-GDi engine with direct fuel injection and turbocharger, which generates 120 horsepower, as well as a new 1.4-liter 140-horsepower T-GDi. An MPI multi-point injection engine, 1.4 liter and 100 horsepower will also be available. In diesel will have the new unit "U3" that meets and exceeds the latest Euro 6d Temp and has means to control emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

This engine will be available with different powers between 115 and 136 horses and emissions below 110 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Each engine will be attached to a six-speed manual gearbox. In the case of the new 1.4 T-GDi and 1.6 CRDi, the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox will also be available.

Network entertainment

Within the Korean group Kia Hyundai The first brand is positioned as the most sporting and youthful, so the communications chapter is the first objective for the user. For this I have the "floating" infotainment system, which is available with a 7.0-inch touch screen, or with an 8.0-inch touch-screen navigation system.

In addition, customers can request a powerful JBL Premium sound system with Clari-Fi sound recovery technology and, of course, the complete integration of the smartphone via Bluetooth, as well as the automatic connection of lights and keyless access. It will also have a wireless charger for smartphones.

To increase the driving sensations, the new Ceed will have the Drive Mode Select system that allows adapting the driving experience, with Normal or Sport modes and the Drive Mode Select to vary the degree of hardness of the direction and each mode subtly changes the engine character.

In the Normal it maximizes the potential of the engine for greater economy of consumption and offers a smoother steering touch and in the Sport acts on the throttle response, makes possible a greater acceleration -from stopped or in progress- and adapts the direction for add hardness and a better response to the movements of the steering wheel.

As a first, the new KIA Ceed will be available with lane tracking assistance, a technology that anticipates autonomous Level 2 driving. The lane tracking assistance system controls the cars that precede the Ceed in traffic and identifies the appropriate spaces in other lanes to find the most favorable in situations of congested traffic.

It detects the lines on the road so that the Ceed remains in its lane on the highway and controls the acceleration, braking and steering, depending on the cars that drive ahead. This system uses external sensors to maintain the safety distance with the preceding vehicle and operates between 0 and 130 km / h.

As we see many new features for a new generation, although we will have to wait until the last quarter of the year to have the first units.


Engine: Gasoline T-GDi 1.0 of 120 HP and 1.4 of 140 HP. Diesel 1.6 CRDi of 110 and 136 HP.
Transmission: Manual 6 vel. and automatic double 7-speed clutch.
Suspension: Independent with McPherson in front and multibrazo behind.
Brakes: Discs on both axes.
Address: Zipper with assistance.
Length / width / height: 4.31 / 1.80 / 1.45 meters
Capacities: Trunk 395 liters and tank 50 liters.

Francisco Del Brio

Video: Laitovo car sunshades for Kia Ceed 1G Hatchback 3D (2007 - 2009) installation

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