Closeness to parents, the most important factor when choosing a university

Selectivity approaches, a test after which the university period begins. A stage of higher education that involves many decisions, not just the itinerary what is going to be followed and therefore the career that will be taken. It is also necessary to know where these studies are going to be carried out, what factors influence when opting for one faculty or another?

The I Sodexo International Survey of Lifestyle of University Students has taken into account the point of view of several countries such as Spain, Italy, China, India, the United States and the United Kingdom. Our country has had the participation of 500 students and has taken into account, among many other aspects of their lifestyle, the values ​​applied when choosing faculty.

Life at home of their parents

The radiography of the Spanish student is that of a student who lives in his parents' home, at least in more than half of the respondents. The 56% of them he is still in his father's home and prefers to eat at home than in the university canteens. It is not surprising that the first step when choosing faculty is to assess the proximity to home and good communications, this is at least for 44%.

Another sample of the influence of parents When choosing faculty is the opinion of them. 54% acknowledge that they take into account the vision of their parents, a percentage that is somewhat lower than the reputation of the center, 60% of the participants. Regarding the environment to socialize, this aspect is only important for 23% of the respondents.

As for campus facilities, the presence of sports areas, clubs where activities or commercial facilities have been assessed as important by respondents. Of course, have a good connection Wifi In these centers, it is well valued by 88% of those who participated in this study.

Keys to choose university

Although these points influence the decision of young people to opt for one or another university, there are others that should be taken into account in the face of their professional future:

- Itinerary to follow. Are you looking to study a career, or do you want to continue with a master's and doctorate? It will be necessary to consider which centers are the best for this itinerary.

- Internship agreements. What are the desired practices, what centers have these agreements to be able to carry them out? Find out about it will help to opt for one option or another.

- Employability index. How many graduates got a job? Taking this index into account will help to take into account one option or another.

- Academic Offer. Some centers offer the option of studying a double career, if this is the desire of the student, take into account which universities allow it will certainly help to choose.

Damián Montero

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