How to get the note you need in the EVAU

The entrance examinations to the university of the students that, in Spain have approved the Baccalaureate, usually produce much anxiety. Here you do not just have to approve, you also have to get a good grade to enter the university and the young people feel that their future is being played.

Last year, 91% of students who submitted to the EVAU passed the June exams. If to this 91% we add the students who at the last moment decided not to appear or, for personal reasons, could not, there would be approximately 95% of students who did not fail these exams.

The vast majority of young people who come to the tests, have the unconditional support of their family, teachers, and most importantly, have spent two years studying to get good grades and pass this exam. However, you should take good note of these tips to get the grade you need in the EVAU exam.

Prepare yourselves subjects with which you can ponder and assign them the same importance as the mandatory 4 of a general nature. Choose in detail the subjects that can give you more points to choose your career and prepare them well. Obtaining the maximum score in those two optional subjects can open the doors of the university with which you are dreaming.

The day of the EVAU exam, before the test

To avoid getting nervous or something happens to you, go in time to the place of the exam. Keep in mind that those days are formed many traffic jams can trigger your anxiety if you are in the middle of one of them.

Make a good breakfast and take some food and water because the tests usually take all morning.

Regarding the content, it is not advisable to comment on anything with your colleagues or do a review that day, trust what you have already studied because you will keep it in your memory.

If you are with friends and colleagues who are nervous, avoid being infected by anxiety, because you can play a bad pass in the exam and if you are the one who is already nervous, start the relaxation techniques and breathe with the abdomen.

During the completion of the EVAU exam

Begin the exam by the question you know best, after having read all the questions and, take a watch to control at all times the time remaining on the test.

During the development of the exam, you must present each idea in a paragraph and underline the most important ideas. Also, if possible, leave some time to review, especially misspellings; If you are not sure of a word, there will always be a synonym.

And if you remain blank or you get nervous, try to stop and write on a page 15 words that begin with the same letter; this way you will disconnect a moment of the exam.

After the examination of the EVAU

Celebrate that the exam has finished and that it is normal that you have approved it. Remember that 95% of those who show up, approve, and that the worst thing that can happen is to suspend it (they suspend less than 5%). In a short time you will have the same exam, with the same agenda, the same time to do it and you will have been able to review everything more slowly.

Fernando Miralles. Professor of Psychology at the San Pablo CEU University

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