Girls, very little girls, the charm of femininity

Who has not been surprised to see how some of the typical feminine traits already awoke in a girl still of school age? Coquetry, grace in movements, sensitivity, taste ... parents are almost always the first to fall before the charms of their princess, amazed to see that their daughter has become, overnight , in a little woman.

And nobody better than their parents to notice the need to enhance and channel those natural feminine traits, such as vaccine for a society that is so determined to be unisex.

It began talking about equal rights, and these days there are already those who proclaim equality of the sexes. As a consequence, from very small, today's girls begin to be treated the same as boys: they perform the same sports, dress the same, ... despite these natural differences in their character as women.

To avoid confusion as they grow up, about the form and style in which they have to behave, it is convenient to let them see that Characteristically feminine traits are, in principle, good and that they must cultivate them while complementing them with other stronger and stronger ones, in order to play their role in society well.

The hidden treasure of femininity

These feminine traits are the germ of a series of virtues, which little girls, our daughters, will be able to develop in the future and combine with other values ​​such as courage, decision, strength ... to achieve a harmonious balance.

Parents can help them discover and value this treasure so characteristically feminine, to develop and enrich it; to place, in short, femininity at its right point, without falling into the kitsch or the absence of stronger virtues.

Little ladies

Since birth, it is easy to guess that the physical constitution of the girl is more delicate than that of the boys, but with 7 or 8 years, the evidence becomes even greater. Over time the barrier of equilibrium has been overcome, his movements are becoming more harmonious, graceful and soft, he likes to imitate the steps of his mother or other older girls, his gestures, the way to pick up, to move his hands ... the most opportune moment to teach him to sit well, to go straight, or to avoid brusque gestures.

A satellite dish

Having overcome the so-called "age of reason", from the age of 7, the girl refines in a surprising way her sensitivity in perception. This feature, defining adult women, begins to emerge intuitively in it, and is one of the notes that distinguish it from children of the same age who, while they are also sensitive, lack such a fine perception.

There are many opportunities to invite your daughter to recognize that sensibility in perception such as attending a concert or a drawing exhibition, where she feels stimulated and can discover her expressive faculties. Once recognized, she will be able to continue to cultivate her sense of taste, the inclination for harmony and beauty, etc.

Show me mom

During these years, it is most often the father who is more dazzled with his daughter. However, it is the mother who really exerts the greatest influence on the daughter, as a model of femininity that she feels - unconsciously - called to imitate.

So that between the two a special atmosphere of camaraderie is created, if both get used to consulting each other and to choose anything ... it will be achieved. It will suffice that mom of the exit sign, inviting her daughter one day to try her nail-painting or to chat while fixing herself in front of the mirror ... nature will do the rest.

With these practices, the girl not only gets used to cultivating good taste, but also guides her own sensibility. The trait of affectivity, so marked during these years in girls, can also be the key to channeling their natural and characteristic desire to be beautiful. This attitude, misguided, could lead her to be presumptuous and too flirtatious, to fall into what has been called "the tyranny of beauty", but the truth is that we can help make it a great weapon to mature and develop as person.

Little woman made and right

Like everything that begins, the femininity of a girl can be distorted - it is not the same femininity as kitsch, or brusqueness that strength - but we can avoid it if, in addition to helping you cultivate your sensitivity and good taste, we teach you to complement it by living the strength, the courage, the nobility, ...

"The masculine is mixed with the feminine, but the feminine is pure," said Rostand. For this reason, it is important that we show our daughter the path to acquire those virtues that may be considered more typically masculine, but that she will be perfectly capable of internalizing.

Rocío Serrano
Advice: Beatriz Bengoechea. Psychologist

Video: How To Enhance Your Femininity - Female Energy

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