A night without mobile ensures less stress at home

The smartphones they are a tool present in many homes of all. This technology allows a permanent connection with friends and family, find information immediately and in some cases become a contraption that is difficult to separate. There are few cases already detected dependence on these devices.

Dependence that ends up in an anxiety that ends up altering the day to day of the people. Worse quality of sleep, irritability and ultimately a climate of tension at home. Arrival at night you have to keep away the mobiles to avoid the stress of constantly reviewing messages and contacting other people.

Alteration of the biological clock

Not only have to take into account the stress derived from the dependence of smartphones and these technologies. A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry has found a relationship between smartphones, their use and the biological clock of people.

This publication shows how people who alter their normal activities to do other things, have a greater chance of developing anxiety and others emotional disorders. In this case, check your mobile from the bed instead of closing your eyes and falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night to answer a message or email.

Anxiety and instability that ends up affecting the becomings of the home, making it more likely that there is a discussion between family members On the other hand, the lack of rest also leads to greater irritability during the day. Making it more likely that a bad response will be given to family members.

A call to Relaxation in this field, to leave the mobile phone away or disconnect it from the internet at the time of going to sleep (in those cases where it is used as an alarm clock).

Tips for disconnecting from your mobile

The dependence on the smartphone is a matter that as has been said can derive in all these problems. The best advice to avoid it is to disconnect and avoid its continuous use.

- Leave everything ready at work and avoid last minute emails.

- Leave the smartphone in a remote area to avoid continued consultation.

- Focus on the activity. At the beginning we must pay more attention to the activity that is being carried out. In the end you will be able to focus on this issue.

- Use the silent mode. Although somehow be deceived, leaving the phone in silent mode will help not hear the notifications when they arrive.

Damián Montero

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