Attendis, three proposals for urban summer camps

The expected summer holidays arrive and the Attendis schools also open their doors, to offer three different proposals of summer courses whose objective is to help students and their families to take advantage of holidays by combining rest with learning.

On the one hand, in order not to lose pace in the studies, students can access the Reinforcement and Recovery courses, for ESO and Bachillerato students. For lovers of sports and crafts, the Summer Arts & Sports Camp, in which girls and boys between two and 10 years old participate is theirs. And finally, for those who want to take advantage of summer to speak English by the elbows, the English Summer Course, which is aimed at students between 8 and 12 years old.

Reinforcement and recovery course

The results of more than forty years of experience in academic and human education guarantee the Course of Reinforcement and Recovery that Attendis launches every summer. The teaching method used, the experience and high preparation of its teaching staff make it one of the most prestigious courses of all those carried out for this purpose.

Aimed at Secondary and High School students, it aims to provide the necessary tools to eliminate the causes that produced a negative final evaluation, in addition to helping the student to acquire work and study habits.

Artistic expression and sport in the summer camp

Summer Arts & Sports Camp is the proposal for lovers of sports and artistic expression in the bilingual summer school of Attendis. It takes place during the month of July and can participate in boys and girls between 2 and 10 years. A teaching team specialized in the different subjects taught and techniques of early stimulation, helps the little ones to have a good time during the holidays and to continue learning in a playful and entertaining way.

With the Summer Arts & Sports Camp, the Attendis schools try to collaborate with families, allowing to improve the reconciliation of family and work life.

Activities of linguistic immersion in English, artistic and musical expression, computer science, psychomotricity, outdoor sports competitions and reinforcement of the different basic areas of learning, such as the mathematical calculation or the reading workshop, are some of the possibilities that the Summer Arts & Sports Camp Provides to your students.

Linguistic immersion in English

And if what you want is to improve your level of English, English Summer Course, which for students between 8 and 12 years old, can learn without effort while playing and having fun at the same time.

Attendis Group

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