Mom: I'm bored. Boredom, the first step towards creativity

What parents have not heard from their children this categorical phrase: "Mom, I'm bored." Perhaps in today's world, where children have everything, they live in a world of screens and their agenda is full of extracurricular activities, we hear them less complain about boredom. They really end up exhausted and stressed.

However, at the time of those of us who are now parents and have young children, who has not had a long and hot summer afternoon, on days when there was no pool plan or anything, and that little voice was heard : "Mom, I'm bored." And after that lethargy of boredom, came the creativity, armed with macaroni transformed into beads of necklaces, paper napkins as doll dresses, cardboard boxes converted into tanks and a thousand other inventions and adventures.

Today the agenda of our children could be the agenda of an adult. School day and in the afternoon a host of extracurricular activities. If we add to this the events of their busy social life, such as birthdays, pajama parties, stay in ball parks and other places of thematic entertainment, where everything is organized and there is no place for improvisation, our children will not know what that is to be playing at home, or in the park, to a "free game", that does not come marked by the outside nor by the adults .. A game in which they decide, in which they have initiative and own motor.

The experience of boredom for children

As parents, we must offer our children the experience of boredom, which will lead them to explore new worlds, to discover, perhaps, their artistic side, rediscover the pleasure of reading, to contemplate a sunset, a painting, a work of art, to make a cake, to play with his brothers with something as simple as a cardboard box.

And that opportunity is even clearer on vacation, when children do not have their day marked by a rigid schedule. Today, with the long workdays, parents, unfortunately, have little time left to be with their children, so that summer is an ideal time to help them awaken the creativity button.

It is not about emptying the summer days with any activity. It's about leaving open spaces for positive boredom, that is, so that children are able to create, to think, to have initiative. And sometimes, this will happen after a time when boredom overtakes them. We should not be afraid of this. Nor give them the phone so they are entertained at all times. It is true that sometimes it is more comfortable to distract them with a screen, but it is just in this situation when parents must be strong and be prepared.

Empty spaces to encourage creative boredom

As an exercise, and as parents, we can consider this summer to offer our children these empty spaces", so they can fill them with content themselves, and make that little effort. And that effort is also from us as parents, we will have to "endure the downpour" of the two-year-old boy who gets angry at the first exchange, or see the long face of your daughter when you tell her that it is not the time to see that video on YouTube.

This does not mean that we become a strange family, outside the world and the digital media and networks. It is about giving each thing its moment, and looking for the moment for each thing. There will be times to spend with friends, to watch movies, videos on YouTube, so that everyone can develop their Hobbie, to collaborate in the tasks of the home, to go for a walk, to make a trip ...

As a family, we will have to see the possibility of organizing a calendar on holidays and also note those "blank spaces", to offer our children the experience of boredom. We live at the same age as we do.

Diana Pérez Camarasa. Educational journalist of the Attendis Group. educational institution that has 21 schools.

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