Junk diets in childhood can affect fertility

The menu that is put on the table is very important, as the saying goes: "we are what we eat". Among all foods that qualify as bad for health, junk food has been proven with numerous Negative effects in the body. Consequences that may not be evident in the present, but may eventually manifest themselves.

One of these consequences are those that stand out in the study published in the journal Human Reproduction. It indicates the danger it has for the fertility a diet rich in junk food, a warning that especially targets women, who because of a menu often these foods can be sterile in adulthood or find many difficulties to get pregnant.

Risk of infertility

Those responsible for this investigation with a sample of almost 5,600 women, between 18 and 43 years old, from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland, all of whom were in the early stages of their first pregnancy. The midwives who cared for these expectant mothers monitored the diet of the participants in the month before they were pregnant to record how long it took for the women to become pregnant once they started trying.

According to the study, couples are considered sterile when they took more than a year to get pregnant, in the case of 8% of the participants. "The main finding is that the risk of infertility, that is, taking more than 12 months to achieve pregnancy, went from 8% percent for all women to 12% in women with less presence of fruit in their pregnancy," she explains. the Claire Roberts, lead author of the study.

"We also appreciate an increase in 8 to 16% in the risk of infertility in women who ate four or more servings of fast food each week, "Roberts explains, whereas women who ate fruit three or more times a day got pregnant half a month earlier than women who ate this food only a few times in a month.Furthermore, women who consumed fast food like hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken and French fries four or more times a week became pregnant, on average, one month after women who never ate. They ate fast food.

Decalogue of the good dining room

In view is the effect that diet has at home in the people. How to make the smallest ones good eaters? These are some proposals:

- Highlight the benefits of a balanced diet: less risk of getting sick and always healthy to play.

- A world of flavors. Why not make eating a pleasant activity? So many flavors to discover.

- The rule of five meals. Be sure to distribute all foods in five meals, this way you will avoid chopping between meals and the appetite sensation will be satiated.

- Parents preach by example. It would be unfair to ask the children to eat better and they have a bad diet, you have to get in the car and bet on a healthier menu.

- Imagination. Television and many series present vegetables as something horrible, why not contradict these messages presenting dishes with better looks?

- Integrate children. A good way to encourage the little ones to eat is to allow them to prepare the dishes they will later eat.

Damián Montero

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