The complexes of teenage girls

It is very common for teenage girls have physical complexes Some are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their nose; others feel too flat; others complain about their holsters, their silhouette, the skin and the granites that cover it ... The physical complexes that a teen girl You can list, against the image you have of yourself, they are as numerous as the parts that make up your own body.

Complexes for girls aged 13 and over

Physical complexes
Sometimes, these complexes related to physical appearance can lead teenage girls to uncontrolled diets that can be dangerous to their health. They do not yet have certain skills to enhance their qualities or hide their physical defects.

Grains: "I'm horrible, I've got a lot of pimples"
Little chest: "I look like a smooth board"
Much chest: "What horror"
Hip: "With these cartridge belts I can go to the West"
Rear: "My friends laugh at me because I'm a big ass"
Teeth: "Sandra does have beautiful teeth: white"
Glasses: "My mother says I have beautiful eyes, but with these bottle ass no one can see them"
Thin: "I look like a toothpick, how thin I am"
Pretty: "I do not look like Natalia, all the guys do not stop looking at her"
Others: "My eyebrows are too thick and I can not shave them." "I'm very dark and the hair on my legs looks in summer." "I have a big mustache"

There are other unfounded complexes of aspects of the person that only the adolescent herself fixes on and that cause her great concern: very long toes, detached ears, long neck, hair color, eye color ...

Sometimes, teens are more concerned with flirting and being attractive than with their studies, their grades or their personality. But at this age, teenage girls also fall in love.
Flirt: "I'm tired of being ignored and always talk to others." "The boy that I like does not pay attention to me and everyone has noticed". "There is a boy who keeps giving me the plasta".

Social relationships
Fundamentally, the complexes focus on the physical rather than social relationships, because they believe that with a good physique they reach everywhere. A girl or boy with few social skills is less successful at establishing communicative relationships with others or others, may fall into shyness, are not popular.

"I always get red"
"I'm a nerd and I never go out"

Brands and clothes
They worry about having style, of being attractive, of dressing like their group or gang, although if they match the same garment, it can be a source of shame. They care much more about clothes than they do, although it is a trend that has changed a lot.

"I'm the only one who does not wear brand clothes"
"What a horror, if I go out with these pants they will all laugh at me"
"I'm embarrassed to get this mobile from the Pleistocene"

6 tips to deal with adolescent complexes

1. Beware of labels and how we say things to our daughter. Do we project ourselves into it? "Child, I was prettier at your age." That way we would cause him great harm. She has to find security at home, because we believe it this way: for us, she must always be the prettiest ... because she is our daughter. We do not need anything else.

2. Offer readings and cultural opportunities to avoid having a frivolous vision of women.

3. Talking about yourself is vital. Biological changes produce transformations in their thinking, in their feelings, in their relationship with others. It will not be easy, due to the age they are going through, but how much we would have gained if they could, in those moments when they need to open up with their confidences, find us willing.

4. To stop thinking so much about herself, its appearance and its image is interesting that our daughter is open to others: from helping in some volunteer association to caring for a sick family member.

5. It is possible to reach agreements with clothes, and it is something in which, at times, we must be compromising. There are clothes that we do not like, but that does not have disadvantages: in those cases, we do not have to engage in discussions and give in to the accidental, but not in the essentials.

6. Do sport, in team games, to learn to win and lose, and not to be seen as the center of everything: volleyball, basketball, soccer.

If there are real defects that make you complex, such as acne, extra kilos, etc. Appropriate solutions can be found, something our daughter will thank us for: endocrine-controlled diets, going to a dermatologist, replacing glasses with contact lenses, etc. We must do everything possible so that our daughter, as a woman, feels attractive. This does not mean a sculptural figure, and so you have to see it, but something deeper.

Ricardo Regidor

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