Breastfeeding in the prevention of breast cancer

The fight against breast cancer It has become a battle in which many professionals participate day after day in order to find a remedy or therapy that makes this disease more bearable. It is also working to find prevention techniques and some of them have been around for many years, as many as those that human beings inhabit on this planet.

Breastfeeding is one of the closest tools that women have to prevent breast cancer This is highlighted from Unicef ​​in his report "The gift of a mother for each child" which highlights the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers when it comes to keeping away diseases as serious as the one mentioned in this text.

Breastfeeding from zero minute

Unicef ​​is clear, we should not postpone the decision to breastfeed the little ones. Betting on breastfeeding your children could prevent 20,000 maternal deaths for breast cancer per year. This organism refers to several studies conducted in the United States where it is also reflected that breastfeeding also prevents the mother from developing other tumors such as ovaries.

An activity that also benefits the More smalls since it is estimated that thanks to breastfeeding from the minute zero and until, at least, the two years could save more than 820,000 children a year. A prevention formula for diseases in both mothers and children and which is also economic.

Another study published in Breastfeeding: an effective method in the prevention of breast cancer recognizes breastfeeding as a method that gives reasons to think that it has great benefits in the fight against breast cancer. Although a direct relationship was not established between the prevention of this disease, it was established that breastfeeding positively influenced the differentiation of the mammary epithelium, and in the reduction of the levels of certain hormones, such as estrogens, whose effects relate to breast cancer.

Other benefits of breastfeeding

From Unicef ​​other benefits of breastfeeding that encourage mothers to bet on breastfeeding their babies from the start:

- Reduces the risk of postpartum depression.

- Reduces the risk of anemia.

- It helps you lose weight

- Provides all the nutrients that the baby needs to grow and develop healthy, strong and intelligent.

- Contains special antibodies that protect the baby against respiratory infections, flu, asthma, ear infections, diarrhea, allergies and other diseases.

- Reduces the risk of child malnutrition.

- Ensures easy digestion and prevents constipation.

Damián Montero

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