Start again: motivation to fall in love again

Many people go through painful couple breakups. The intense pain they have suffered means that, in many of these cases, scars on an emotional level prevent the person from falling in love again or feeling the motivation they need to find a new love. So, the person can remain for a long time away or away from any possibility of starting another relationship.

5 reasons to fall in love again

Before closing the doors to a new relationship, you should think about the following five reasons why having a relationship again can significantly improve your life.

1. Pain does not have to be repeated. In many cases, the pain caused by the ruptures starts from an excessive dependence on the other person. When a person conditions his happiness completely to another, he is simply leaving his welfare in the hands of destiny, without any control.

When you are able to be happy for yourself you create a base on which to settle your well-being and your life. If you maintain that base during a new relationship, the well-being that the other person is going to contribute will add to the one you already feel. This will allow you to be more free when acting with your new partner and above all it will make the pain if the break is much less.

2. Each person is different. A new relationship is a very good way to start over. If you are able to treat your new partner as someone new and with whom to start from scratch you will be able to get what you did not get the last time.

The new person will bring you new experiences, emotions and feelings. Even if your behavior is very similar to your previous relationship your new partner will act in a completely different way. This will make you forget what you lived and allow you to focus on the present and overcome the past. If you do not start a relationship, it will be much harder for you to completely forget the other person.

3. Your self-esteem will improve. The need to feel loved and appreciated, to belong to a group, is fundamental to our well-being. Feeling alone is one of the worst emotional situations anyone can experience.

When you are living a relationship, you know that your partner loves you and appreciates you for who you are. That will make you feel a good level of self-esteem and you will be able to achieve many more goals in your life.

4. Many people can make you happy. There are times when you may think that your ex-partner was someone special and the only person who could make you happy. I can assure you that this is nothing more than a manipulation of your brain and that in no case corresponds to reality.

The world is full of extraordinary people who can bring enormous benefits to your life. There are times when it is better to focus on the present and not analyze too much. If you have the possibility to start a relationship with someone you find interesting, focus on enjoying the moments together without going much deeper.

Let your body experience positive emotions and you will see that the emotions that your ex-partner made you feel were not caused by her, but by yourself.

5. Life as a couple increases happiness. There is no doubt that having a good relationship is one of the most pleasurable sensations that exist and that provides the greatest emotional benefit. Do you really think it's worth giving up that in case you go back to live a break?

You may have to go more slowly or leave more space for yourself in the relationship, but you should not allow a past experience to condition your present well-being and especially your future well-being.

Carlos Miguel Fern√°ndez. Founder of Proactive Life and specialized coach in couples

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