7 steps to make a perfect scheme

The end of the course is approaching and, with it, the most feared time for the students: the final exams. To cope better with these stressful days of study and avoid feeling nervous about the pressure of the final tests, it is necessary to correctly apply the study techniques and when the subject is extensive as in the case of the global or final exams, studying with schemes is fundamental.

In general, for students to find the study techniques to successfully pass these exams and make the most of the study by synthesizing the information, the ideal is to use diagrams and summaries.

7 keys to make good schemes that help to approve

Take note of this series of steps especially designed to reduce long texts to much more useful and simple annotations, which will allow you to remember the contents more easily.

1. Read the text carefully. In a first approximation to the content, you should look for children to understand what they are reading, without needing to underline or take notes.

2. Identify what the main topic is. The question is: what is the text about? The answer must be short, that is, it condenses the essence of the text into a single statement.

3. Record the main and secondary ideas. After reading and understanding the information, highlight the key points of each paragraph and classify them according to their importance.

4. Find the relationship between them. Is it possible to relate some ideas with others? This will allow to synthesize the content and unify the story.

5. Write a draft or mental map. Group the data and arrange them so that you can identify all the parties with a single glance.

6. Read it and see what it means. Remember to always use short phrases and use your own words.

7. Pass it to clean. Once reviewed, take a blank page and, with good handwriting, rewrite the summary or outline.

With these simple steps, we will enhance the learning of children, in addition to helping them improve their performance in class, since, using this type of tools, involves understanding and processing what they want to learn.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
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