Tell me how many books you have at home ... and that will be the future reader of children

The reading it is one of the teachings that every father wants to transmit to his children. The youngest of the house can benefit from these skills in many ways, from being able to live incredible adventures in other worlds, to understanding the text that is displayed in front of them in school and to be more successful in school exams.

How to strengthen the habit reader of the smallest? The first step according to the Scholastic survey to know what future can be expected in this regard is to look back and check how many books at home. In this work we have found a link between the number of volumes in a home and the taste for these pages in the smallest.

More books, more reading

This survey was attended by 2,500 families where children between 6 and 17 years old were presented. Within these nuclei the average of books in the homes and the reading evolution of the children in the future were taken into account, if these used the books of assiduous form or not.

In those families where children had a lower reading habit, the average number of copies in these households was 192. According to the data of this research, the average of the households with the children that use books the most is 205 copies. However, the mere presence of these paper mates does not ensure that a child becomes an assiduous reader.

The survey also showed that other factors such as frequency reading of the parents or allowing the children to choose another copy different from the one they have sent to the school, and more according to their tastes, also favors the empowerment of these skills. Among all the aspects studied, the presence of electronic books was indicated as the least influential.

Promotion of reading at home

Although the presence of books at home has been determined as an element that influences the reading habit of children, there are other techniques with which to enhance this custom:

- Lead by example. Children always look in the mirror that are their parents, so if they have an example of reading figure there is a greater possibility that they integrate this habit.

- Let them choose. There are as many genres as tastes, letting the child discover his own and allowing him to immerse himself in these pages will make the moment of reading more enjoyable.

- Share this experience with them. After finishing a chapter or a book, sit down with them and ask for their vision about this experience and encourage them to continue with it, feeling that they can share this experience with their parents.

- Include books in their lives since they were small. Reading to the little ones makes them begin to be curious about these paper friends at a very early age and that they take them into account as an element of their lives.

Damián Montero

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