Play with me! 4 tips to promote family play

One of the basic units of human coexistence, and perhaps one of the most central, is the family. Most anthropologists agree that human beings have almost always tended to group themselves in very similar family forms, seeking a sense of belonging, security, stability and transcendence.

In this same line, the game is a basic element in the life of a child, which besides being fun is necessary for its development, so that the promotion of the same within the family will be fundamental. For this reason, the game is the engine of social change for children, and it is very important to develop it within the family nucleus.

4 tips to promote the game within the family

Parents, watch out for tips to promote family play!

1. Take advantage of every second. We know that the pace of life that we lead is very hectic, that many times we are looking forward to getting out of work to get home and rest, watch our favorite movie or series and disconnect. It is important to take some time to dedicate to the family game with the little ones in the house. Any time is good, and you should make the most of it: while you prepare dinner, you make the purchase or exercise. Take out your most childish side and look for the game in every daytime moment. Not only will they appreciate it, but it will also be beneficial to strengthen the bond of the family.

2. Learn to be patient. First of all, keep in mind that you are dealing with children. The ideal is to anticipate problematic situations and relativize things. If playing with the ball inside the house will create a conflictive situation, it is best to take a break to go to the patio / street or the nearest park.

3. Less is more. It is not necessary to have a full day plan full of scheduled activities. Many times, when something does not go as planned or if we do not have enough time, we tend to leave it for another day. The key is not to fall into this, avoid excuses and be aware that the simplicity of playing for a while with a family ball provides a multitude of benefits, both social and for the development of children.

4. Identify the benefits. Like any process that involves specific objectives, it is interesting to take stock and identify the "before and after". If you are trying to integrate more and more the game within your family it will be very interesting to evaluate the real benefits that you start to notice. Some of them can be: it improves the sleep of the smallest, it strengthens the relations between brothers, it allows to escape from conflictive situations, it helps to understand and to value the importance of the family *

The game and the family are two concepts that should never go separately. They are fundamental for the development of a child in any social situation.

Lisa Tarver Founder and Impact Director of One World Play Project.

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