Postpartum as a time for personal growth

Motherhood changes the lives of women. Not only because one more member comes home and the expenses grow, the interior of the mothers is also altered and in fact this stage can be translated into a personal growth. A moment to improve internally and that from Unicef ​​point out as very important for both the mother and her son.

Personal growth also goes through the stages where people feel most vulnerable. In this sense, the postpartum period is adjusted to these situations since women feel that they will not be able to face the challenge of motherhood. But on the contrary, women must feel capable of overcoming the upbringing of their children and take note to know that they have the capacity to overcome any difficulty and as in the development of children, with the help of the rest.

Meaning of the postpartum period

This publication of Unicef It defines postpartum as the transition stage in which the mother and her child go from a close relationship during pregnancy to a period of greater autonomy for both. Many are the important changes that occur, from the physiology of women, to the continuity of many activities similar to the one before pregnancy.

This period is essential for the development of children as they begin to gain autonomy, but also for the mother. While many of the customs that pregnancy did not allow but also grows on a personal level through learning of the parental functions and to establish a new affective bond with the newly born.

In addition, the postpartum period also means the beginning of a new stage next to the couple. Both members of the marriage must be combined in the care of the child, a new facet is known in the other person. In the case of other children at home, parents must assume a new role: to manage conflicts between siblings, something that will further expand some social skills such as empathy.

Nobody is perfect

Although the postpartum stage translates into personal growth, we must also know that no one is perfect. These are some considerations What parents should keep in mind:

- You can not know how a newborn feels, they do not talk. You have to know the children and the signs to try to recognize their needs.

- There are situations that can not be prevented. A cold, a gastroenteritis, etc. They are common health problems that sometimes become inevitable.

- Each baby has its rhythm of learning. The comparisons are odious, perhaps the son of a friend already knows how to walk or master any other skill. Do not put in common the situation of anyone.

Damián Montero

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