Chubby baby, beware of childhood obesity!

One thing is that our little one is a little full and quite another is that you can begin to consider a chubby baby. Currently, it is estimated that around 7% of children are obese. Prevent the childhood obesity It is fundamental, especially if we do not want our son to end up becoming an adult with problems of overweight tomorrow.

According to various studies on child nutrition, any child whose weight exceeds by 15% the average weight that would correspond to their size and age is considered obese. The earlier obesity is established in the child's life, the more complicated the treatment will be.

Being chubby is not synonymous with good health

There are two periods that are more propitious when this type of problem is introduced. One of them, perhaps the most important of all even, is constituted by the first two years of life of our children.

Even if it looks like a lie, there are still many children who are "fattened" with the anachronistic idea that fatness is synonymous with good health. Moreover, unfortunately, it is precisely at these ages when the main errors of overfeeding occur (primary obesity).

Prevent your baby from being a supercharged child

Preventing our child from becoming a supercharged child is not that difficult. In fact, the trick is to avoid certain eating habits and carefully control the fats and sweets that our little one ingests daily.

Thus, for example, if we have to feed and drink the child, we will always have to do so without adding sugar to food or drinks. Sugar, whether white or brown, refined or not, in the form of honey or syrups ... usually all children like it, but it is convenient to limit their consumption at home from the first day.

Similarly, always try to choose foods prepared at home, compared to those marketed, always too rich in sugar.

Food for your baby: no fat or sugar

Obviously, it is not about eliminating this type of food radically, but neither to become, neither now nor later in a reward or a form of consolation ("if you do not cry" or "or as today you have behaved well" ... I'm going to give a candy).

If your child is really plump, do not hesitate to start an attack plan. The cookies that accompany breakfast or snack or taken between meals, sweet desserts, fruit outside meals ... contain many supplementary and useless calories that the child's body stores as fat.

Substituting these habits for others will be as simple as offering the child a yogurt (without sugar) when he can not contain his hunger or always choose cooked food in front of fried or breaded foods.

Tips to prevent childhood obesity

1. Avoid introducing certain dietary habits not recommended. If from the first day we offer our child sugar-free foods the little one will not miss this kind of flavor.

2. Eye with that chocolate bar, that candy or cookie that they give to your baby without your consent because it can be a source of bad eating habits.

3. If your child wants to nibble something solid, Give it before a bit of bread crust that a cookie or any other food made with sugar or honey.

4. If your baby has lunch in the kindergarten, try to be always attentive to the weekly menu of our little one in order to adequately complement their feeding at night.

To prevent our children from eating certain foods, we should not fall into such temptations. Our example, therefore, will be fundamental when it comes to teaching our children a good education in this regard. So, for example, choose fruit as a dessert against foods too rich in sugar. Do not chop between hours in front of them nor consume those sweets or confectionery that they have sharply forbidden.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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