Beyond the Bachillerato

One of the main concerns of families is choose which Baccalaureate is the ideal for your children among the varied offer that exists. Decide between a Baccalaureate of excellence, a Dual International Baccalaureate... besides discerning to take the path of the Baccalaureate of Sciences, Humanities or Social Sciences can be a chaos if you do not have enough information.

Among the main questions that we ask parents highlights a fundamental: how to provide my children with a Baccalaureate, to provide them with the tools, skills and skills appropriate to the challenges of the current and future society? And also, is the academic enough to be successful in today's professional world?

To answer these questions, it is worth recalling the statements of Laszlo Bock, Google's vice president of HR, who explains in an interview at the New York Times that "the academic is not the fundamental part for the new profiles demanded, now, in our society". And he remarks, in that interview, that "the behavioral part of the person is the one that should be evaluated in a possible interview and this is the individual's training of habits acquired throughout his personal and academic life, which fit into a specific job ".

This premise must be complemented by knowledge in basic subjects, such as mathematics, language, economics, biology, or philosophy, which enable new essential subjects in new jobs, such as robotics, analytics, neuroscience, etc.

But ... and the Professional skills that are intrinsically related to personal growth and enrichment? Teamwork, sociability, flexibility, adaptation to any culture and environment, as well as having the ability to be sensitive, empathetic and supportive, will make the best of the tandem so that our children have a good behavioral profile.

The keys of a good Bachillerato

A good baccalaureate must be oriented from the first day of class to work those behavioral profiles, without losing sight of the academic part. Acquiring the appropriate level of knowledge is very important and relevant to get a grade in the University Access Test, while laying the groundwork for references and knowledge that all curriculum vitae must contain.

The skills and abilities demanded, as well as the competences, especially the digital ones, should be part of the day-to-day life of a student, with an experiential scope. The objective is that there is an inclusion of the labor world in training programs, such as the recurrent outflows to companies from different sectors so that the internal work of the desired jobs can be seen first-hand. It is the case of Socrates Program of Bachelor of Excellence of the María Teresa School of the Arenales Foundation, which aims to equip participating students with the best tools to face the academic and professional challenges of the future. Includes the Cisco Academy Technology Program.

"In a liquid world, a petrified baccalaureate is a failure". This statement comes to explain a premise that everyone understands: in a society that is constantly changing, the educational and academic model prior to the university step, must be paced with that change.

Of course we must attend to two factors that are already mandatory in any offer of Baccalaureate, one is the second language and another collaboration with a prestigious university, as is the case of the Excellence Program of the University of Navarra, which includes the participation of students in the Pre-University Seminars, which guarantee the process of inclusion in the workplace and end up contextualizing these profiles so that they are well adapted.

Finally, I would like to highlight the importance of the so-called "certifications" so demanded in the European and North American profiles that qualify some of the most current and demanded competences, such as languages, a field that is prioritized in the International Dual Baccalaureate program, which offers educational offer of the Arenales Foundation, through its different schools such as the Maria Teresa de Alcobendas school, which is an official North American program of validation of degrees with different countries and in technology, since the student simultaneously obtains the title of American Baccalaureate (High School Diploma) in a digital environment.

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