Socio-emotional education: the foundations that our children need

The socio-emotional education It is fundamental to build the foundations that hold the formation of our children, as it is not only important in its academic facet but also in that designed to develop values.

However, there are many teachers who feel that they do not have the necessary training, not enough resources. This is why there are different supports from institutions, such as EduCaixa, that lend them a specific material to educate in emotions.

Socio-emotional education: solve conflicts in the classroom

It may surprise us like many teachers they are in the classrooms with problems, not primarily academics, but of behavior on the part of their students. And it is that some things go beyond what they can extract from books. Children need to understand what they feel and learn to express it, know how to communicate what they really want to say and recognize other people's emotions. Listening to others and respecting the turns of the word make up, with all of the above, the faculties of a socio-emotional education.

But the teachers refer to themselves as self-taught in this field and explain their need to have specific material to work in the classrooms, since there is nothing systematized. Arantxa Ribot, manager at EduCaixa, explains that for this reason the programs of the Obra Social "La Caixa", 'Emotions and feelings' and 'Learning to Listen', available on their website.

Ribot reflects on how the socio-emotional education is responsible for building the scaffolding that serves as a basis for learning. For this reason, EduCaixa has spent years focusing on designing teaching materials to make them available to teachers in order to help them work in the classroom a set of essential values ​​to inculcate students.

Success in studies and good management of emotions

A child who values ​​himself, who understands and channels their emotions and who knows how to behave appropriately with the rest of the classmates, is a happy student, with better academic performance and more chances of successfully finishing your studies. So investing in socio-emotional education is investing in the future. And yet, most of our graduates in teaching have not received adequate training in this regard.

That's why from EduCaixa they try to get there where teachers do not reach -for lack of specific training and lack of adequate resources to use in the classroom-. If they achieve the challenge of emotional education, they will have advanced a huge way in the future formation of these children.

The host of the program has been so good on the part of the teaching community -There is a waiting list to participate- that the action plan of the multidisciplinary team that makes up this project goes further and they work on a broader, more complete project, with a specific curriculum with all its didactic programming, the classroom work material and the necessary training for teachers . Helena García, teacher and secretary of the Monegros-Hoya Rural Association, works with very limited economic resources in its four unitary schools and received this initiative so well received that they have organized workshops with mothers to work on emotions.

"The security, the knowledge of oneself, the limits, the knowledge that can be ... all these are emotions that then serve for Mathematics, for Language and for life", assures this teacher. And is that the results extracted from sociological studies in the United States show that university students show some emotional skills developed that they report less social anxiety and depression, and greater use of active coping strategies to solve problems.

It is a fact that the ability to attend to one's emotions, clearly experience feelings and be able to repair negative moods influences the mental health of students. That is why, the psychological balance directly affects the final academic performance.

Victoria Molina

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