The number of students treating bullying is reduced as a joke

The fight against bullying It has become a topical issue that unfortunately occupies more headlines than desired. To put an end to this problem, several tools need to be put in place in order to raise awareness about this situation. One of the battles is to stop bullying from being seen as a joke between colleagues, as something "childish".

A battle that is gaining as it has reduced this perception of bullying and the rejection of bullying has increased, increasing support for the victims of these situations. Something that is reflected in the II Study on School Harassment and Cyberbullying carried out by the ANAR Foundation and Mutua Madrileña.

More support for the victim

The paradigm has changed, and if before the harassment was seen as "children's things" or small jokes between partners and has increased support for victims. Friends and acquaintances of those who suffer these situations have positioned themselves with them. Up to 2015 only 22.8% of friends and colleagues had reacted to bullying, currently the percentage grows until the 51,8%.

A percentage that grows in cyberbullying until the 68,3%. Another evolution to take into account is that if until 2015, 21.2% of the victims faced or reacted to the bullies, in 2016 they have grown to 51.1% in school bullying and up to 66.7% in the cases where these practices were exercised online.

It also perceives a greater communication Y visibility of bullying situations. At present, there are more people who know the facts and dare to denounce them, specifically in more than 95.2% of adult calls (in cases that are not cyberbullying) are cited to other people. These people come, on the one hand, from the school environment as psychologists or teachers.

More complaints

As has been said, support for victims it has increased and in this way, more denunciation calls have been counted. In 2015, a total of 23,230 calls related to bullying were attended. In 2016, 52,966 were registered, an increase of 128.0%.

In the last two years there has been a substantial increase in calls of special orientation (ORES) and of cases of bullying attended by the Telephone ANAR. Specifically, the increase has been:

- ORES: the increase has been from 480 in 2014 to 1,728 in 2016, which represents an increase of 260.0%. Only in the last year 2015 the increase was 102.6%.

- In relation to the number of cases, it has gone from 355 in 2014 to 1,207 in 2016, that is, an increase of 240.0%. The increase between 2015 and 2016 was 87.7%.

Damián Montero

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