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The summer camps they are already much more than a few wonderful days in the middle of nature. Far has already been left to choose only between sea and mountain. Now the offer is wide, you can choose between hobbies, fun, languages, sports ... and are also chosen by location, that is, close to home as urban or abroad. And also, many of them provide courses to learn or improve what you like: sailing, music, soccer ...

In the camps, activities are not only done and sports are practiced, but through them, children acquire and develop many values ​​in a transversal way while doing activities. "Values ​​such as camaraderie, teamwork, responsibility, respect, empathy, order, discipline ...", assured the professionals of the number 1 search engine of summer camps and courses abroad.

What plan do you have for this summer? Have you thought about your children living an unforgettable experience in a summer camp? If so, SoloCampamentos gives you the solution to your search.

A camp is a great way to help the child develop personally. In the camps they do not only carry out activities and sports, but through them they acquire and develop many values ​​in a transversal way while the activities are carried out. Values ​​such as companionship, teamwork, responsibility, respect, empathy, order, discipline ..., so say the professionals of the number 1 search engine summer camps and courses abroad,, offering all kinds of options working with companies selected for quality criteria, with extensive experience in this field at national and international level, activities with children, travel development for schools ... education, leisure and language professionals ... whose mission is to guarantee users The greatest security, trust and quality for your children.

As they point out, "currently there are all kinds of camps, the range to choose from is very broad" What camp themes can we find in the portal?

Summer camps by themes

Among the great variety of camps, the following themes stand out:

Soccer camps: children have the opportunity to improve their technique, thanks to the professionals who teach them strategy, team play, technical skills, they will learn about the life of a professional player, learn communication tools and develop the values ​​of each club . Some are specific depending on the position in which the child plays, such as goalkeeper camps.

Multi-adventure camps: traditional summer camps, adventure activities such as zip-line circuits, canyoning, canoeing, archery ... Various activities that make children have a great time in the camp.

Equestrian camps: offer the possibility of learning to ride from level 0 to advanced classes for those who want to improve the different techniques.

Technological camps: increasingly demanded by children, since they offer the possibility of developing new skills and learning by playing. They cover different themes, from the creation of robots to programming with Minecraft.

Talent development camps: in this type of camps children discover who they are and what they want to be, what they want to do in the future. It tries to condition the minimum creativity, in this way the participant can develop his talent without any conditioning. They develop individual projects where the student receives the support of the team to do it, always being the child who decides and leads the project

Nautical camps: all kinds of nautical activities are developed: kite surfing, paddle surfing, windsurfing, surfing. Although there are also camps that specialize in certain topics, such as surf camps, which focus all their activity on improving and developing the surfing techniques of children, to improve and progress in sports.

Camps farm school: they offer the possibility to children to get close to nature, know the animals and their close-up care and all the work of the garden.

Cooking camps: children learn the preparation of dishes and desserts in an easy and fun way. Some specialized in areas such as pastry, where children learn mass production, decoration, presentation of desserts. In addition to all this, children are taught the importance of a healthy diet and knowledge about the nutrients and characteristics of food.

Dance camps: they teach and practice different dance, pop, hiphip, zumba ,,,, subjects where children learn and enjoy performing choreographies with the rest of the camp companions.

Camps abroad: children have the opportunity to make a language immersion in the country where the language is spoken. There are different types of camps, those that are exclusive of language classes and complement their programs with activities and those that are thematic, develop the camp on a specific theme, this can be cooking, football, multi-adventure children come from everywhere of the world, so the common language is the one spoken in the country where the summer camp takes place.

Family camps: Family camps are a new trend that is increasingly in demand. The family camps have become a plan for which more and more families are opting to enjoy a holiday together. It is the perfect time to put aside the routines of work, school and after-school classes. Because summer camps are not just for children and there are already many families who have spent a few weeks full of activities and emotions, parents and children together, in an ideal environment to foster inter-family relationships

Camps Emotional Development: From SoloCampamentos we offer a wide variety of programs and offers where you can enjoy a multitude of activities related to emotional and social development, emotional intelligence, social skills such as communication and empathy, creativity workshops, learning techniques and motivation ... with the aim of developing children's talent and enhancing their personal and social skills

More and more the camps have language in their programs, many of them do linguistic immersion, mostly in English, although there are also immersion programs in French and German.

SoloCampamentos is a summer camp search engine that selects the camps according to quality criteria, all of them must meet the criteria set by the portal to be present in it, among them are: facility insurance, civil liability, qualified monitors, compliance with the program , surveillance and 24 hour security ...

In SoloCampamentos you can find quality camps where your children can enjoy and learn during the summer, always with high quality companies and with extensive experience in the sector. If you are looking for camp for this summer do not hesitate and go to, you will find the ideal camp for your child.

Marina Berrio

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