Keys to saving in First Communion

The communions, a very special celebration for both parents and children. An event that also supposes a waste for the families and that can suppose an effort for the familiar economy. Therefore, applying a few small tricks of savings can be the keys so that the pocket does not suffer so much at this time of year.

From the Fintonic blog several tips are offered to be able to save in the celebration of the First Communion. Keys so that the pocket does not suffer and that ensures a good fun for all the attendees who share this special moment with the child.

The Feast of First Communion

Undoubtedly, the highest expense the family will face. The first step is to decide the guest list, are you going to opt for a more intimate? Are there commitments with relatives or acquaintances? Define the essentials and cross out the rest is a good first step when planning this event. From here you can work with a budget based on dishes by attendees.

The next step is to visit several places and not keep the first one. For this the best thing is to go with the clear ideas of what you want and avoid acquiring other services that the restaurant suggest In the end the key is to find the most affordable price that ensures an event according to what has been thought. One recommendation is to look for locations outside the city, where the costs dream lower than in central areas.

The new technologies should also be used. Some internet portals they allow you to filter the search according to the specialty you are looking for and once these filters are applied, read opinions on quality of service, prices and other matters that will reveal the experience of other attendees.

Suits and gifts of First Communion

The suit It is another of the highest expenses that must be faced. Especially in the case of girls. In this case, the rent is presented as a cheaper option than the purchase. We must remember that this dress will only be used on this occasion, so if there is not a very high interest in having it as a nice memory, choosing this path is a good decision.

You can also Use again those employed by older siblings or borrow from acquaintances and other relatives. In these situations it is possible to have to make some arrangements for the wear and dry it, but of course it will not be as high a cost as buying a suit or dress firsthand.

In the gift field, it is one of the most important issues Doubts generate in families. Yes, it is a special day for children, so do not forget the real reason for this event. It is the first time that the child participates in this sacrament, so the present should focus on remembering this day and not be an object of reward.

Damián Montero

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