How to ensure good sleep in the child from the first year

The dream It is one of the most important issues in the life of every person. The rest ensures being able to recharge batteries after a whole day of hustle and bustle and learning to sleep well may seem simple, but certainly instilling these techniques in the little ones is not easy at all. As they grow up, the routines of children change in this field, something that is seen when they complete the first year.

From this age some children are already beginning to sleep alone and their rhythms dream They are the same as when they were a few months old. From this age, parents can take advantage to teach the little ones a good rest hygiene to be able to take advantage of the night to recharge the batteries.

Before going to sleep

Good sleep is assured long before going to sleep. During the whole day you can work because the night comes, the rest is something safe. From the Spanish Pediatric Association, AEP, it is recommended that the daily bedtime and getting up should be approximately the same every day.

By the first birthday, children often resist going to bed. To avoid this situation, you can develop a routine relaxing, quiet, to perform every day before sleep: bathe the child, read a story, tell a story, etc. All these activities must end in the bedroom with the child in bed. Completing all these activities will make the child understand that the time to go to rest is near.

It is not advisable for the child to drink too many liquids before going to bed since the excess of them favors the nocturnal awakening and that the smallest ones are awake. During the day it is recommended to practice some exercise so that before closing the day, the little one feels tired, favoring that he can fall asleep.

The importance of the environment

Another key in these ages is to teach the child to sleep in lonely. At this stage the transition from the crib to the bed in a single room must begin. If the child is afraid of being alone, a stuffed animal, a special blanket or his favorite toy can help at the time of separation from the parents when they leave it in this room.

The environment of this room where the child will sleep should be calm and dark, with a comfortable temperature. An excess of heat or cold favors nocturnal awakening. You also have to monitor the noise input from outside in the room, so installing noise insulators such as double windows can be an excellent idea to avoid inconveniences such as cars at high speed or the cries of pedestrians.

Damián Montero

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