Why is it important for children to have routines to sleep?

To fall asleep It is a process in which you enter slowly and that is prior to a state of relaxation. To get into this state of drowsiness that leads us to sleep helps a lot to establish a routine pattern that will induce us every night to get that restful sleep that benefits us so much to be well the next day.

To sleep well it is necessary to have an environment in which the child can go through the different phases of sleep without suffering interruptions. Sleeping in the car seat, in the stroller or in the stroller, while in a restaurant, on the street or in a park are not environments that favor a good quality sleep. Think, for example, of those occasions when you fall asleep on a plane. The quality of sleep is much worse than when you sleep in a bed. The noise, position and movements of the aircraft interfere with the sleep cycle, which leads to a worse quality of the same.

A good quality dream

To promote a good quality sleep the place where the child sleeps must be dark, quiet and without noise and should not be too hot. Having a routine and regular schedules to get up, nap and go to sleep also help the child prepare for sleep. With regard to the activities that are carried out before going to bed, it is best to be quiet: tell stories or stories that do not scare, play something quiet or read.

Is very important to limit the exposure time to screens an hour before of the time to sleep, to avoid the stimulating effect of the blue light that these emit (televisions, telephones, tablets and computers). Having a bedtime ritual that is simple and can be reproduced in other settings (eg, if you stay to sleep at your grandmother's house) can help your child systematically have a good night's sleep. quality.

Further, to sleep well it is also important not to be hungry at bedtime and not having taken too many liquids, as this can force them to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Snacks taken just before going to bed should be high in protein and fiber (eg, a piece of cheese and a toast of wholemeal bread or a small glass of milk with sliced ​​apples). Of course, you must be careful not to take any type of stimulant (such as caffeine or sugar) before going to bed.

The routine of rest

Knowing how many hours of sleep or how much time your child needs to rest will help you to establish a routine that will make bedtime a time to enjoy with your family, as well as for your child to grow up healthy and strong. .

Sleep is vital for growth and for development. The advantages of achieving a good quality sleep There are many: Acquire more quickly the fine and gross motor skills, have more resistance, better nutrition, better grades in school, better social skills and a better temperament, among others. Thus, establishing good sleep habits at home and instilling a series of guidelines for good sleep will be of great help to the children on the road to life.

Deanna Marie Mason. Expert in education and family health. Author of the blog Dr. Deanna Marie Mason. Proactive fatherhood Professional support for the modern family. He has just launched his second book: "How to educate teenagers with values".

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